Eames Storage Units, 4-Units High

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The Eames Storage Units are true to the inventive originals introduced in 1950. Designed for both storage and display, each cabinet is a striking example of how Charles and Ray Eames extended the boundaries of design to create a new modern aesthetic for the office and home. Combinations of shelves, drawers, and enclosed storage are suitable for books, binders and other home or office essentials. 

The 4-Unit High model 420 includes open end and closed end dimpled plywood door units, side-by-side open shelving with both cross supports and perforated panel, and plywood drawer units. Each configuration is avaialable in two frame finishes: Zinc Plated or Black; with two surface color schemes: neutral or bright. As durable as they are useful, Eames Storage Units feature uprights, cross-supports, and perforated panels made of zinc-coated steel, providing a strong structure and surface. Modular storage ahead of its time, the Eames Storage Units remain relevant and utilitarian elements that are as popular as ever today.