DUFMOD Essential Oil Island Bamboo Diffuser

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Give your space the best energy with this essential oil diffuser from DUFMOD. With a real bamboo outer shell sourced from sustainable environments and BPA-free plastic reservoir for a minimalist look that adds to your décor. Has 7 colors of LED lights that can be set at alternating or single, or turned off during use. Uses ultrasonic technology that pulsates at ultra-high frequencies to create frictions in water molecules with sound waves to evaporate into a cool steam. Eliminates the need for heat and breaks up water + added essential oils for a refreshingly cool mist. Featuring a low water auto-shut off mechanism to conserve energy. With a 5 oz capacity that lasts for 10 hours of continuous operation or 24 hours of intermittent operation. Diffuser has 4 mist spray modes including one hour, two hour, 10 second on/off intermittent mist and continuous mist. Your home will feel so relaxed + perfectly zen.

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters