DoubleButter Crane Bench

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Well isn't this a pretty pickle? Two-seats or three? Sorry, but we can’t help you there. Really, they’re both grand options. Are you a two’s-company, three’s-a-crowd sort of person? Or are you the-more-the-merrier type? We, like this bench, started out as a company of two (hence, the name DoubleButter, though that only partly explains that bit of lunacy) but we’ve grown since then and so has this bench. The bench’s growth came, in part, because of a customer’s request for a three-seater version of the two-seat original. By the way, customer, if you're reading this: thanks and well done. 

Whichever way you lean, on this bench you’ll be leaning comfortably. Thanks there go to the gentle curve of the seat slats and the gentle flex of the steel structure. Graceful and strong and made almost entirely from post-consumer recycled steel. We guess that makes it smart too. Quite a trifecta.

Photo courtesy of Double Butter