Distinctively San Francisco Map & Travel Guide

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This pocket size map and travel guide to San Francisco will show travelers unusual things to see and do in the US city. San Francisco is a city that needs no introductions. Instantly recognizable for its undulating streets, this concise guide will take you round 40 of the cities best less known destinations. Taking travelers to a vintage magazine shop catering to a very diverse clientele, taquerias, clifftop eateries and cable cars, unconventional horticulturalists, and bison in Golden Gate Park. 

Herb Lester create streamlined travel guides and simply tell you how to enjoy your trip. With an aim is to show travelers unique destinations, hidden gems and obscure locations, as well as viewing well-known locations with fresh eyes. 

 Through researching each city the old-fashioned way: asking friends, acquaintances, cab drivers and concierges for their tips and then walking, tasting, sipping, and peering into doorways and down alleys. Herb Lester are able to offer compact guides packed with the exciting promise of shops, bars, galleries, parks and museums! – Material

Photo courtesy of Material