Diamond Spas Stainless Steel Spas & Hot Tubs

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Diamond Spas believes metal is the best construction material for custom built spas. Stainless steel or copper yields amenities that rival other spas. Unmatched durability is number one. Neither metals will fade, crack or blister. Additionally, all spas are TIG welded promising years of leak tight enjoyment. A metal spa is highly sanitary. Both surfaces offer superior resistance to bacteria. Copper or stainless steel can aesthetically blend harmoniously with common spa landscaping materials. Natural stone and foliage in combination with the warm tones of these two metals contrive an environment appealing to all the senses. Stainless steel and copper construct sustainable spas. These vessel shells are 100% recyclable. Not only will they avoid the landfills, they will bring the client a nice return on their original investment. Diamond Spas fabricates copper and stainless steel hot tubs that are not only innovative they are smart for both the consumer and the environment.