Cane-Line Diamond Sofa

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A brilliant combination of comfort and contemporary style. The Cane-line Diamond Sofa gets its name from its faceted, angular base, made out of Cane-line Tex material stretched taut over an aluminum frame. All-weather Sunbrella cushions are crisply tailored, yet super-cushy, plus they're able to be left outdoors year-round. 

 "Life Made Comfortable" has been the goal of Cane-line ever since it was founded in 1986. To that end, Cane-line is continually inspired by their rich Danish design heritage--as well as a focus on sustainability and convenience--in the creation of all of their modern outdoor furniture and accessories. Cane-line all-weather outdoor wicker furniture looks natural but, in fact, pairs the unconventional material of polypropylene with time-honored weaving techniques. The result is quality outdoor furniture with long-lasting comfort and modern style. 

Photo courtesy of Lumens