Delicious Places: New Food Culture, Restaurants and Interiors

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Contemporary food goes way beyond avocado and quinoa salads. Delicious Places presents the new wave of cafés, restaurants and entrepreneurs that are writing a fresh chapter on culinary culture. New restaurants, bars and cafés are born out of fresh ideas that, with a clever twist, lead to an unprecedented culinary experience that balances location and concept and ultimately influences a new world of food. Single-dish restaurants, traditional pasticcerias and fisherman cooperatives with the freshest produce or high-end restaurants in the mountains, offering a unique experience that starts the moment you set foot in the door and spans from the interiors to the branding, and behind the scenes to the supply chains and sustainable procedures. Take a seat at the table and feast your senses one by one - the mind will follow. Hardcover; 2019, gestalten.

Photo Courtesy of Gestalten