Mafia Bags Deep Blue Bag

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Upcycled spinnaker and kite sails, repurposed wetsuit/drysuit material, salvaged climbing ropes from Yosemite. Designed by Yves Béhar supporting Sustainable Surf.

All profits support SF-based ocean-health nonprofit Sustainable Surf's ocean conservation initiatives – specifically, their 'Waste To Waves' program. 

The Deep Blue Bag is Mafia Bags's most technical backpack to date, perfect for your everyday adventures. Designed by internationally renowned product creator Yves Béhar and packed with technical features – so well hidden, they disappear. Features include a water resistant wet pocket - for wetsuits and gym gear, a bottom loop for easy hang drying, waterproof zippers, and a secret "city" pocket for keys, wallet, passport, and other valuables. They've also included a unique secure bottle holder (made from drysuit sleeves) so your water will stay put even when running to your next adventure. 

Photo courtesy of Mafia Bags