De Buyer Grill Frypan

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High-quality French cookware with over 170 years of experience behind every pan 

de Buyer, a trusted source of premium quality French cookware, has been at it since 1830, earning their stripes in high-class kitchens around the world. Their Mineral B Element line comprises a variety of pans that are seasoned with beeswax, an excellent and all-natural shield against oxidation that also helps with non-stick properties. Treat 'em well, and they're sure to become a workhorse around your home kitchen in no time — not to mention picking up a rustic, non-stick patina the more you use them.


  •  Round frypan with ridged bottom to reduce sticking of meats and give classic grill marks; great for searing, grilling, and browning
  •  Pure iron construction with an all-natural beeswax finish — no sketchy finishes or coatings
  • Beeswax finish protects against oxidation and improves the non-stick quality of the cookware
  • Made in France 

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