Coral & Tusk Halloween Garland

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Decorate with our fun felt garland for Halloween, each animal is dressed for the costume party! Bear is suited up as a saguaro cactus complete with a resident desert bobcat, Cowboy Dog dons western wear and a lasso, bunny is dressed as a pineapple, owl flew in as an astronaut, and fox arrived as a sea captain with a talking parrot. Holding out her candy bucket is kitty, who certainly isn’t a scaredy cat! She casts a spell as a sorceress in a magic celestial dress and her pal dog is disguised as his favorite animal... a vampire bat! Next find raccoon in a chef costume with a pumpkin patterned apron and a cast iron pot, Hedgehog wears Monarch butterfly wings and an antennae headband, and Spider Dog attempts to spin a sparkling cobweb but gets a little tangled up instead. Our Halloween Garland features a linen fabric ribbon, each costumed critter is embroidered on felt and is attached to the linen with cotton twill tape.