Clover & Birch Balance Board

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Balance boards are popular not only for the developmental benefits, but for the endless opportunities that they provide for imaginative play. The single plane movement of the board is perfect for balance training and use in sensory integration therapies by gently challenging the vestibular and proprioceptive systems. Boards will become ships, bridges, tables for tea parties, a scale for blocks, and so much more all in a days play. Balance boards are cut from birch plywood. The rocker feet are fitted in a groove on the base of the platform, and secured with non-toxic wood glue. The rocker feet are reinforced from the top of the platform with a dowel pin for added strength and rigidity. Balance Boards are best used on a non slip surface. Because each item is handmade in the USA, please allow 2 weeks for your order to process.

Photo Courtesy of Clover & Birch