Donald Judd Front Shelf Chair

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Don Judd designed furniture in wood and metal for which he maintained a small distribution. He addressed furniture and design in his writings, most notably in the essay ‘It’s Hard to Find a Good Lamp’ for the Donald Judd Furniture: Retrospective exhibition at Museum Boymans-van Beuningen. He explained and defended his thinking on design and furniture, defining his approach to proportion and scale, fabrication, and exhibition.

The furniture continues to be made to his original specifications, stamped and numbered sequentially. The wood furniture, in a variety of hardwood and color plywood, continues to be made in the United States. The metal furniture, in painted aluminum colors, anodized aluminum, brass, and copper, continues to be made in Switzerland.

Over 70 of his designs are available for custom order. The Pine Library Stool 42 and Corner Chair 15 are available in-stock.

Photo courtesy of ARTWARE