Cavalier Maverick Portable Speaker

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A voice-activated portable speaker, built with extreme attention to sound quality and craftsmanship.

Genuine leather, machined aluminum, knitted fabric—they’re the types of materials we associated with our best heritage gear or heirloom furniture, until we met The Maverick. It’s the only voice-activated speaker we’ve come across that actually raises the level of our home decor. Feel how solidly it’s built and you can’t help but put it front-and-center on your coffee table next to your New Yorkers and Monocles. 

They don’t sacrifice sound quality for those good looks either—The Maverick’s speakers fill the room with crisp, live-sounding music. And with Amazon’s Alexa built right in, it’s an honest-to-goodness virtual assistant, so you can ask it the weather before you get dressed. If you wanna take it with you on your way out the door, no worries, it’s portable. Just remove it from its base for hours of wireless playback.

Photo Courtesy of Cavalier