Carpyen Twist Pendant Light

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Created by Ester Pujol and Dani Vila, the Twist Pendant Light by Carpyen has a ruffled, organic quality that belies the intricacy of its contemporary construction. The shade features the inviting elegance of Pleated Fabric, but despite this appearance, it is actually composed of Lacquered Aluminum Sheet Metal. Assembled to allow ambient light to come through the sides, further enhancing the dimension of the pleating. The Acrylic constructed diffuser at the bottom shields customers from direct view of the light source, keeping the illumination warm and diffused.Carpyen Lighting is a contemporary lighting company founded in Barcelona, Spain, in 1948. Their minimalist, timeless, Made in Barcelona designs feature smooth, clean lines and take inspiration from the lively, original, cosmopolitan city. From the sculptural, eye-catching Nura 2 LED Pendant Light to the elegant, functional Nirvana Mini Table Lamp, Carpyen's fixtures are vibrant and high quality.

Photo Courtesy of YLighting