Carpyen Tripod F Floor Lamp

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Eclectic and unique, the Tripod F Floor Lamp adds both light and personality to any room. Featuring a tripod base made from oak with a satin varnish, the height of this modern floor lamp can be adjusted and secured by a lock on the base. The spotlight lamp head is made from metal and can be rotated 360 degrees. Due to the flexibility of its design, this floor lamp can provide bright direct, indirect or ambient light depending on its height and direction of lamp head. The Tripod F Floor Lamp is perfect in home offices, bedrooms and living rooms. 

Carpyen Lighting is a contemporary lighting company founded in Barcelona, Spain, in 1948. Their minimalist, timeless, Made in Barcelona designs feature smooth, clean lines and take inspiration from the lively, original, cosmopolitan city. From the sculptural, eye-catching Nura 2 LED Pendant Light to the elegant, functional Nirvana Mini Table Lamp, Carpyen's fixtures are vibrant and high quality.

Photo Courtesy of YLighting