Capelli Stool By Carol Catalano, from Herman Miller

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The Capelli stool is a lyrical, imaginative place to sit that resembles a Japanese puzzle box. The "fingers" of the stool's two identical halves interlock without any fasteners to form a comfortable, stable, cantilevered structure. Composed of 11 alternating dark- and light-stained hardwood inner plies and Light Ash veneer, this deceptively simple, sculptural stool unfolds and the two halves can be stacked together for easy shipping and storage.

The inspiration for Carol Catalano's innovative design came from a very down-to-earth source. "Most of my work is fairly technical in nature, so I thought it would be fun to take on a project just for fun," Catalano says. "In pondering how to improve on the simple function of a stool I found myself observing the simple act of intertwining the fingers of my hands." 

 From there, Catalano developed several ideas for the stool by studying the ergonomics of comfortable sitting. Using cardboard and foam models, she and her staff at Catalano Design took the Capelli stool from concept to museum-quality prototype in less than two months. "From the beginning," Catalano says, "the form of the stool was a simple curve that we kept refining until it was comfortable and beautiful." 

Photo courtesy of YLIVING