BROOM LINEAR SUSPENSION light By Annet van Egmond & William Brand, For Brand Van Egmond

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Broom linear suspension features a hand-sculpted metal diffuser in a rectangular shape, hanging by two cables. Tufts of elongated stainless steel strands hang down from a rectangular frame to make the shade. A row of lamps down the center illuminates this glistening curtain of metal fibers with a glowing band of warmth. The diffuser body is held by a metal bar from which a pair of tubes rise up as conduits for the suspension cables. Fixture available in stainless steel finish. Available in a linear suspension, wall sconce, and floor lamp version. 60 watt, 120 volt, B10 candelabra base incandescent lamps included. Downward and general light distribution. Made in the Netherlands. Available in two lengths: 40.6 inch width x 7.1 inch depth x 9.8 inch height and 49.6 inch width x 7.1 inch depth x 9.8 inch height. Includes 78 inch steel and electrical cable and canopy.

Photo courtesy of LIghtology