Blume Cloud 9 Essential Oil Roll-On

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What it is: A roll-on essential oil mix with a combination of powerful, clean ingredients.

Who it's for: Ideal for those with dry, normal, combination or oily skin types.

What it does: It contains clary sage, which is a warm, calming and soothing essential oil. Peppermint perks up the senses and may help fight muscle spasms and relieve nausea, and geranium may help enhance your mood and lessen fatigue. This essential oil mix was created to help ease common period symptoms.

How to use: Gently roll onto pulse points such as your abdomen, wrists, chest or temples. Continue to massage into skin with your fingertips to enhance absorption. You can also roll out a few drops onto a tissue or directly onto your hands and inhale deeply.

Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom