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When it comes to making a home for your pet or plants, whether it is setting up your own terrarium, aquarium, or paludarium, a big barrier to access is the process of assembly. 

One route is to watch this video three or four times and try to follow along to make your own vivarium. Or you can read your way through it and follow these instructions as supplied by Reptile 1. Choose an enclosure. 2. Build the lighting. 3. Put in a background. 4. Establish the plumbing. 5. Layer on the substrate. Sub-component: according to you can create your own substrate: by using: 2 parts coconut husk fiber, 1 part coconut husk chunks, 1 part milled sphagnum moss) 6. Decorate the enclosure. 7. Add some Chlorophyll 8. Live and let grow. 9 After proper growth introduce amphibians. Starting to feel like a lot? Fear not, there is an easier way. 

Whether you are looking to care for your dart frogs, poisonous frogs, small tree frogs, small to medium sized reptiles (geckos, chameleons), small to medium sized fruiting plants, vegetables, aquatic animals (turtles, fish), and or medium to large sized reptiles (snakes), Biopod can do the tough stuff for you.