BioLite Smokeless Fire Pit

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Technologically advanced and fully portable, the FirePit is a fully featured grill and firepit in one sleek package

Less smoke, more fire, adjustable intensity, cooking capability with two different fuel sources, portable, charges phones in a pinch — look, the list goes on and on. The bottom line, this portable firepit is the most engineered and advanced fire pit we’ve ever laid hands on, yet somehow BioLite managed to keep it simple: insert wood, light fire, turn on fan for the warmth, crackle, and feel of a wood campfire but without the smoke.


  • Rechargeable Powerpack blows air into the fire through 51 precision-placed airjets 
  • Removable grill grate converts the FirePit to a grill instantly, and adjustable interior rack allows for use of wood or charcoal

  • Bluetooth integration or manual controls both allow you to control the Powerpack fan to adjust the intensity of the fire

  • Includes a rain cover, grill grate, fuel rack, and USB A to Micro USB charging cord

Photo Courtesy of Huckberry