BetterAir Biotica800 Probiotic Air Purifier

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PURIFIED AIR LIKE NEVER BEFORE: The world’s first and only probiotic air purifier. We’ve put over 7 years of intense research into perfecting this revolutionary product designed to purify your entire indoor environment.

100% ORGANIC PROBIOTICS: Our aerial dispersion system continuously releases a proprietary blend of all-natural, chemical-free Enviro-Biotics to eliminate allergens such as pollen, pet dander, and foul odors. Treats up to 800 square feet. 

EASY SETUP, SIMPLE TO USE: Place on nearly any flat surface or use the included wall mount. Your first Enviro-Biotics cartridge is included and each cartridge lasts up to 3 months with continuous and automatic use. 

SAFE FOR HUMANS AND PETS: Our proprietary strains of probiotics are all-natural and completely safe for your entire family. Feel at ease knowing your home is being purified in the safest way possible without harming you or your loved ones. 

DISCREET, MINIMALIST DESIGN: Purposefully engineered with aesthetics in mind, our eye-pleasing purifier has a sleek finish and rounded edges. It fits seamlessly into any room or decor with a small footprint of just 10" x 5".

Photo Courtesy of BetterAir