Knoll Bertoia Side Chair

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Though Italian-American artist Harry Bertoia had long harbored an interest in mesh and metal forms, it wasn’t until he joined the studio of Charles Eames that he developed his signature techniques for working with steel rods. He brought this knowledge to Pennsylvania in 1950, where he designed furniture for Knoll. Together, Bertoia and the Knoll team invented a custom jig that could bend the rods and produce a curved wire mesh, the foundation for the Side Chair that entered production in 1953. Since then, the chair has continued to be a mainstay in both indoor and outdoor furniture. The frame comes in a variety of finishes, and colored seat pads are available to lend softness to an industrial structure. Its transparent quality helps the Bertoia Side Chair blend into a range of design environments. Said Bertoia, "If you look at these chairs, you will find that they are mostly made up of air, just like sculptures. Space passes right through them."