Decode Heavy Pendant

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The Heavy Medium Pendant Light (2009) is available in four tonal finishes - light or dark gray, off-white, and brown. Each concrete shade is individually slip-cast and left inverted in the mold to dry. During this process, random air pockets and veiThe common bowl shaped pendant shade gets a makeover in the Decode Heavy Pendant. Formed from slip-cast concrete, the natural variations in the material bring a whole new level of beauty to what would be considered by many to be an industrial product. Each piece features its own unique pattern of lines and color variations, make each a one-of-a-kind wonder. 

Decode collaborates with creative, talented designers, as well as others along the production chain, to develop high quality products that celebrate modern British design and manufacturing. Their fixtures have an unpretentious, practical design, but are made from a masterful blending of traditional materials such as blown glass, casting, and solid wood.ning develop on the interior of the shade. These markings vary from one shade to the next and create unique and irregular marble-like patterns, which contrast with the shade's smooth exterior. UL and cUL listed. 

Photo Courtesy of Lumens