Bend Goods Cafe Table

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The Café Table by Bend Goods takes the classic Parisian café table design concept to a modern mid-century platform for home and venue dining spaces. A versatile café table, the furnishing carries a solid round table top, supported by a cross-section base. The compact shape of the dining table allows for flexible interior design, a win for small spaces. In lieu of Café Table, one may invite their friends or family for an intimate dining experience. 

Based in Los Angeles, Bend Goods produces wire furniture, lighting and accessories and was founded in 2010 by Guarav Nanda, a designer and sculptor who was inspired by the mid-century modern styles he saw during childhood summer vacations in Palm Springs, California. Bend's casual, contemporary products are made through a process of "bending," where wire is shaped by hand and spot welded, with each bend carefully made to achieve utility, structural strength and comfort.

Photo Courtesy of Bend Goods