BDI Semblance Storage Package 5403-EB

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The Semblance Storage Package 5403-EB offers significant storage with 3 double-width cabinets and double-width shelves connected by vertical panels. The cabinets can be positioned at any desired height between the panels and can be arranged together or spread apart. Just one Semblance Storage Package 5403-EB provides several arrangements to meet a variety of needs. 

The Semblance Modular Storage System offers customizable storage solutions. By combining richly finished vertical wood panels with unique glass shelves, storage cabinets, and other components in a variety of flexible, pre-configured packages, there is an answer for virtually any application. Use the system to create room dividers, an impressive home entertainment system or the ideal office. The micro-etched glass shelves and cabinet doors are resistant to fingerprints and have a luxurious feel. Semblance integrates the desire for display and storage space with the demands of workspaces and technology to create a handsomely designed solution.