Bamboozle Bamboo 7-Piece Nesting Bowl Set

Bamboozle Bamboo 7-Piece Nesting Bowl Set


Seventh (nesting) heaven. 

These sturdy bowls are eco-friendly, made from recycled bamboo, and nest neatly inside one another. And there are seven in different sizes, so you’re covered from the biggest projects to the tiniest little throwaway cooking chores. Choose between a rainbow of pastels or a nice and moody set of blues. Serve’s up.

Made in: China

Made of: Post-industrial bamboo fiber, melamine 

Size: Set includes 7 bowls:4" Bowl is 4.17" in diameter x 2.62" H, holds 10 ounces. 5" Bowl is 5" in diameter x 3.15" H, holds 17 ounces. 6" Bowl is 5.98" in diameter x 3.74" H, holds 27 ounces. 7.5" Bowl is 7.48" in diameter x 4.49" H, holds 37 ounces. 8.5" Bowl is 8.46" in diameter x 5.24" H, holds 81 ounces. 9.5" Bowl is 9.49" in diameter x 5.98" H, holds 118 ounces. 11" Bowl is 11.02" in diameter x 6.5" H, holds 186 ounces.

Maker: Bamboozle