Baloo Eco-Friendly Weighted Blanket - 15 lbs

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The weighted blanket that’s proven to increase serotonin, calm stress, and reduce anxiety.

An enticing blend of feelings come together when you’re swaddled by the Eco-Friendly Weight Blanket—kinda like that feeling you’d get as a kid when Mom or Dad tucked you in, bravely warding off that pesky boogie man and sending you on your way to sweet dreams. Truly though, numerous sleep studies prove that weighted blankets increase serotonin, calm stress, and reduce anxiety through the power of deep pressure stimulation. The Eco-Friendly Weight Blanket is no different—it’s the simple solution to improved sleep, night in and night out. Best of all, Baloo strives to be environmentally friendly at every turn of their manufacturing process and mission as a company, so you can (sigh) rest easy knowing that.

Photo Courtesy of Baloo