Avallon 46 Bottle Capacity Dual Zone Wine Cooler

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  • Excellent Insulation: Your collection is protected with double paned glass insulated with argon.
  • Roll-out Shelving: Comes equipped with five sturdy wood shelves with stainless steel trim that smoothly roll out as far as 95 percent.
  • Well Lit: Two LED's on each side of the interior (four total) provide ample, soft illumination of your collection. 
  • Dual Zoned: Two separate cooling areas, both with wide temperature ranges.
  • Blue & White LEDs: Lighting can be alternated between a bright, white LED or a soft, blue LED - it's completely up to you.
  • Wide Temperature Zones: One zone has a range of 54 to 65°F and the other goes from 40 to 54°F.
  • Stainless Steel Accents: The sturdy handle is made from stainless steel in addition to a durable, seamless stainless-steel door.
  • Low-E Glass: UV protection and temperature stability are provided by the double-paned glass.
  • Compressor Powered Cooling: Both cooling zones are kept cool using efficiently compressed and cooled air.

Photo Courtesy of Build.com