Autodromo Group B Evoluzione Watch

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Autodromo’s limited edition version of their Group P Automatic Watch is their more "evolved" take on what is sure to excite anyone who has a love for cars and auto design. With only 200 pieces made, it has a CNC-milled aerospace aluminum chassis, which makes it more lightweight than the steel version. After it goes through the CNC machine, it’s anodized and laser engraved with a serial number. Discommon for Autodromo engineered the computer-guided cutting head that creates the watch. In order to ensure it’s authentic, the tool marks and the texture that results from the process is preserved. The machining and anodizing is done in California, while the final assembly is performed at Autodromo’s studio in New York. It comes with 4 nylon racing straps in colors from the four most prominent liveries of the Group B racing era—which are all contained in an aluminum collectors’ box.

Photo: Courtesy of Autodromo