Artemide Tolomeo Classic Table Lamp

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The Tolomeo Classic Table Lamp (Aluminum/Table Base) from Artemide showcases beautiful Italian design coupled with highly efficient industrial production. The shade is fully rotatable at 360 degrees so one can control where the light illuminates with precision. This control is enhanced by the fully adjustable extruded aluminum articulated arm with a polished die-cast aluminum joints and tension control knobs. The stainless steel tension cables and springs ensure durability and strength so this lamp will hold its position for however long it needs to. 

Artemide has a 3-word design philosophy, "the human light," that has guided them since their 1960 start in Milan, Italy. Artemide's task lamps--like the Tizio (1972) and the Tolomeo (1987)--are long-standing icons of modern Italian lighting. Working with an exceptional, evolving group of designers and architects, Artemide lighting has been able to broadly innovate with high tech materials, organic forms and advanced LED technology.

Photo Courtesy of YLighting