&Tradition VP6 Topan Pendant Light

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The painter-turned-architect Verner Panton slated himself as a visionary of the moment when he designed the hotel and restaurant Astoria in Trondheim, Norway in 1960. After he covered the floors, walls, and ceilings with his bold textile designs Geometry I to IV, he dotted the rest of the space with his VP6 Topan Pendants—which he designed specifically for the project and became his first mass-produced object. The simplicity and coolness of the design has endured over the years, finding its way from psychedelic interiors of the ‘60s, to minimal, modern spaces of today. The pendant lights are spun into shape from a single piece of aluminum by skilled craftsmen in Denmark. The glossy, lacquered finish—available in multiple color options—is matched with a color-coordinated fabric cord.

Photo courtesy of Connox