Andrew Neyer Mobile Pendant Light


The Mobile Pendant Light was designed by Andrew Neyer in 2012, and is made in Ohio, USA. Mobile Pendant Light is a minimalist designed pendant, featuring slender lineal bars that intersect to hold two exposed round bulbs at each end. While this fixture is a true statement piece on its own, it may also be included in the same collection family to create a stunning combination of ceiling lighting. As an additional feature, the arms can be rotated to create an intriguing object as well as an ambient light source. 

What began as a home-based lighting project in 2010 has evolved into Andrew Neyer's interpretation of how we use art in our everyday lives. Set on creating pieces that he himself would want to own, Neyer's lack of proper design training allows him to develop inspiring concepts. Andrew Neyer has a portfolio of products from clocks, to kitchenware, to the Crane light fixture that started it all, all built on the basis of minimalism and functionality.