ANDlight Slab W20 LED Wall Sconce

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The Slab W20 LED Wall Sconce from ANDlight is wrapped with industrial grade felt made from 100% natural wool. The starting point of the Slab light was to create a light fixture that would reduce the acoustic ambient sound in the environment that it is hung in. Designed to have a large sound absorbing face and contrasted by its minimal 15mm thick edge. The fixture has a noticeable but not overwhelming presence.

In 2013, Vancouver-based ANDlight was founded with a mission to bring original design ideas to life through modern manufacturing technologies and a large network of client support. Committed to eco-friendly products that are both functional and dynamic, ANDlight strives to stand out with their unique LED lighting options. From pendants to floor lamps, their lighting products include a diverse range of options to suit a chic style for any space.

Photo Courtesy of Lukas Peet