American Leather Re-Invented Recliner

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Smart lines. Sleek silhouettes. Anything but bulky and tired. The Re-Invented Recliner from American Leather innovates beyond the stereotype of recliners past, reimagining the dated living room staple through a modern lens. The "un-recliner recliner" packages form and function into a small footprint – avoiding the bulk and unsightly lines of traditional recliners. Several styles are offered, and one of them, the Vida, is a timeless classic that has an elegant understand flair. The recliner is masterfully concealed in the minimal frame, providing a smooth, simple recline function that easily engages with an effortless push-back motion. Gently curving arms and tall wooden legs add to its high design. The Re-Invented Recliner from American Leather exudes fresh, modern style—all with a hidden recliner that makes life just a little more laid back.