1pt Liquor Infusion Set

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Infuse it yourself. 

For the cocktail connoisseur, do-it-yourself means infuse-it-yourself. And with this infusion set, even an amateur mixologist can master the bar. Infusing alcohol and spirits at home is a fun way to create your own boozy concoctions, and this set is a simple, straightforward way to do it. The durable glass infusion bottle holds half a standard bottle of booze (375 ml) and features a purpose-designed, stainless steel infusion basket ready to hold your blend—the set comes with 7 premade infusions, optimized for balanced flavor, from citrus to mint to chili to smoky— plus a gold-finished stainless steel tasting straw so you can taste your creation in style.Want to bottle it up for gifting or saving? That’s what the Bottling Kit is for. It comes with a 750-ml bar-grade reusable spirits bottle and 6 writable bottle labels, so you can make your cocktail mark. The Bottling Kit also includes everything you need to turn your spirits into a cocktail, including a zester, jigger, funnel, measuring spoon, and drip-stop pourers. Get mixing!

Made in:  Infusion blends are made in U.S.A., bottles and tools are made in China 

Made of:  Infusion bottle is made of glass with walnut cap; Bottle & Stopper is made of glass, walnut and cork; Labels are made of paper; Drip-stop pourers are made of PET and aluminum; Funnel, strainer, tasting straw, jigger, measuring spoon, and zester are made of stainless steel 

Size:  Infusion Bottle is 2.75" in diameter x 10.25" H, holds 16 ounces (500mL); Tasting Straw is 8.5" L; Bottle & Stopper is 3.5" in diameter x 9.25" L, holds 25 ounces (750mL): Funnel is 4" in diameter (5.25" W with handle) x 4.5" L; Zester is 6.5" L x 1" W; Measuring Spoon is 5" L x 1.25" W; Drip-Stop Pourers are 3" in diameter; Jigger holds 0.5 ounces and 1.3 ounces 

Maker:  Teroforma

Photography by Julia Gartland