Extra Wide Cotton & Linen Curtains
Extra Wide Cotton & Linen Curtains
Extra Wide Cotton & Linen Curtains
Sold by ZigZagZurich

Azura Sand Cotton & Linen Ready Made Curtains 300cm / 118" Extra Wide - Col 007.

Our new Azura ready made curtain collection takes a mix of yarn dyed 56% cotton and 44% Linen to create a unique fabric we weave in Italy. Taking two separate yarns in slightly different tones, weaving them creates a wonderful luxurious & elegant yet casual fabric with a subtle sheen that is both natural yet warming. Non-transparent so offering full privacy but still some light coming through (the darker fabrics less transparent than the white).

The ZigZagZurich ready made curtain collection focuses on quality and difference. Extra wide curtains bring a new look to your windows. Being yarn dyed means these fabrics have the best in colour fastness and transparency. Perfect in todays modern houses & lofts with large glass windows or equally at home in any location.

Each panel is 300cm / 118 inches wide and 300cm / 118 inches high made of the highest quality linen. We finish each curtain with a universal curtain tape ready for hanging directly onto curtain hooks. If you need to shorten them use the tape included or simply leave them hanging on the floor if a bit too long. 56% Yarn Dyed Cotton / 44% Yarn Dyed Linen 192g m/2.

Machine Wash Cold / Dry.

Ready Made Curtains300cm x 300cm. Made in Italy. We can make any CUSTOM SIZE curtains for your home. Please email us at sales@zigzagzurich.com for more information.