53 Windows Metal Picture Window Type Design Photos And Ideas

Modern windows have the vital task of connecting your home with the outside world. Bringing in air and light, they provide opportunities for contemplation when arranged above a dining nook, or a portal to the natural world when overlooking an oceanside scene. Framed with wood, metal, or vinyl, these inspiring window designs range from skylights to picture windows.

The two-story, light-filled courtyard opens the ground floor up to the floors above, providing visually transparency between floors.
The architects add, "The strategically positioned windows capture solar gain in concert with the thermal mass of the concrete floor slabs. The operable skylights release heat and circulate cool, fresh air through the lower openings." The windows are from Milgard.
Ravit Dvir Architecture and Design installed windows and kept furnishings scarce to open up The House in Harutzim. This cobalt blue bench offers a sweeping view of the inner courtyard.
Walls of operable glass by Fleetwood create a seamless flow between the indoors and out.
The concrete cabin has a steel chimney and steel window frames.
The glass walls create a strong connection with the outdoors.
"Dramatically angled, clerestory windows above the front and rear doors provide views of the changing sky and let light enter at all times of the day," note the architects.
A two-story window floods the inside with light. The planters are from West Elm.
As with many of the materials used in the home, the windows were salvaged finds.
A boulder integrated into the entrance foyer and large, triple-glazed windows immediately set the scene for indoor/outdoor living. The curved stairs lead up to the bedrooms.
The cozy family room also serves as a playroom for the couple's two young children, and doubles up as a guest room with a sofa bed when needed. The space includes a bathroom with sliding doors that separates it from the main living area. On the upper level, the master bedroom looks out to the front terrace.
The east-end of the elongated cabin is fully glazed to capture the scenic nature outdoors.
Ravit Dvir Architecture and Design
A binary play of considered honey and gray tones strongly reference the exterior yellow brick and gray metal of the two distinct structures.
"The central court acts as a glass ‘jewel’ at the heart of the house," say the architects, who styled it in the likeness of a Japanese garden.
The upper section of the façade is clad in timber, and features large steel-framed windows that extend slightly beyond the siding.
Looking north from the front door, one looks through a 12'h x 8' w window looking on the stone embedded in the landscape which came from the excavated bedrock when construction the home.
Windows and skylights have been strategically placed throughout to capture striking views of the surrounding trees. Here, a bedroom cantilevers above the entrance patio.
The tree-shaped window frames bring an abstract forest indoors.
Windows transcend floor levels to discretely frame views of the surrounding neighborhood, offering slices of the vistas beyond.
Corner Window
A sauna that looks out to the lake.
Large windows let in natural light and views from all directions.
While the homeowners and their guests have plenty of opportunities to view the outdoors, thanks in large part to windows and doors by Alumilex, an abundance of cedars offers privacy from the outside looking in. “We wanted to cut the least amount of trees,” Tremblay said.
The master suite is filled with plentiful views, while taking advantage of the forest of cedars to provide complete privacy year round.
Accessed only via a 45-minute private seaplane transfer from Vancouver, or a 30-minute boat ride from Tofino, this upscale eco-safari destination on Vancouver Island is hard to beat. The resort boasts out-of-this-world glamping thanks to giant white canvas tents furnished with wood stoves, oil lamps, and antique furniture. An average nightly rate of US$3,681 during the high-demand summer makes this the eighth priciest hotel in the world, and the costliest in North America, according to a survey by TravelMag.com.
Front Entry Door & Privacy Screen
The original home was preserved and renovated. In the front bedroom, a small window was replaced with a large painted-steel window seat, a favorite of the residents' grandchildren.
an airy space punctuated by delicate black frames
Sheet Metal Contractor: Fine Metal Roof Tech
Inside, the complex interplay of angles creates an energised feeling of space that belies the modest floorplan. This is enhanced by the full-height glazing on the north face, which draws in the deck and the wetland bush beyond.
The home, which is on Long Island Sound, is made of hardworking materials. Its Gore-Tex-wrapped plywood sheathing is protected by an Equitone fiber-cement rainscreen, which is the first line of defense during harsh weather conditions.
Open Kitchen & New Vaulted Ceiling
Open Kitchen & New Vaulted Ceiling
the modern facade
The Trues host parties in the glass-walled structure, located steps from their vacation home, or they escape to it to catch some rays and read a book. Bill reclines on cushions hidden under the reclaimed-fir floorboards that are propped up with Sugatsune hinges.
new garden terrace
View of book loft mezzanine with views to the east