508 Windows Design Photos And Ideas - Page 4

Modern windows have the vital task of connecting your home with the outside world. Bringing in air and light, they provide opportunities for contemplation when arranged above a dining nook, or a portal to the natural world when overlooking an oceanside scene. Framed with wood, metal, or vinyl, these inspiring window designs range from skylights to picture windows.

A telescope looks out upon the Saint Petersburg cityscape.
The window looks out to views across the lake, while also bringing in sunlight to help brighten the interiors.
The window frames are made from aluminum instead of vinyl.
"Dramatically angled, clerestory windows above the front and rear doors provide views of the changing sky and let light enter at all times of the day," note the architects.
A two-story window floods the inside with light. The planters are from West Elm.
A window on the new upper floor looks out to the city.
As with many of the materials used in the home, the windows were salvaged finds.
The swivel chair is by Kare.
The large windows in the master bedroom provide the feeling of sleeping within the tree tops.
The oversized, glazed openings (Triview Glass) feature reclaimed Douglas Fir trim.
The dining table can be folded in three sections for different uses.
A boulder integrated into the entrance foyer and large, triple-glazed windows immediately set the scene for indoor/outdoor living. The curved stairs lead up to the bedrooms.
The cozy family room also serves as a playroom for the couple's two young children, and doubles up as a guest room with a sofa bed when needed. The space includes a bathroom with sliding doors that separates it from the main living area. On the upper level, the master bedroom looks out to the front terrace.
The floor-to-ceiling, triple-glazed wall overlooks the lawn and residence.
The east-end of the elongated cabin is fully glazed to capture the scenic nature outdoors.
A four story courtyard is encased in all steel and glass windows for three of the walls, creating a transparent view of the interiors on each floor, and the fourth wall displays a larger than life custom mural by a local Cincinnati artist highlighting scenes from the local downtown market.
Ravit Dvir Architecture and Design
A glimpse of the kitchen as seen from the dining room. Tallowwood floorboards (Bona Traffic) have been used throughout.
A binary play of considered honey and gray tones strongly reference the exterior yellow brick and gray metal of the two distinct structures.
A dramatic stairwell rises through the center of architect Mehdi Berrada’s bold new home in Casablanca. At the top, a steel-framed retractable skylight casts graphic shadows.
Bi-fold sliding Marvin doors recall steel-framed factory windows, yet are actually built of black-painted wood and insulated glass.
A close-up of the dog-door leading out to the backyard.
Relation between exterior and interior spaces
Strategically designed skylights maximize natural light.
A clear geodesic dome tops the structure, and floods the interior with natural light.
Lighting in the basement.
Main Bedroom
Back of the house.
Nocturnal view of the brise-soleil facade.
Custom built-in office desk are fabricated from a mixture of walnut, mimicking the same hue as the façade’s Douglas fir. The homeowners’ son-in-law, Alex Everett handcrafted many of the custom pieces.
"The ridge of the roof is pushed apart, creating a continuous skylight that runs throughout the house’s linear volume and provides top light for all the crucial spaces," says Dekleva.
A deep window sill doubles as a table or storage shelf.
To say more precisely, something was disturbing it. Before the final version of Grey House there was a pretty banal skeleton with small symmetrical window frames.
"The central court acts as a glass ‘jewel’ at the heart of the house," say the architects, who styled it in the likeness of a Japanese garden.
The bedroom on the upper level features a strategically placed window that frames vistas of the mountains and beyond.
The exterior has wrapped in a black cladding with gray render. Large expanses of glazing create a strong visual connection to the forest outdoors.
The horizontal silhouette is opened up by a system of teak wood pillars that support the main walls and wood slat-and-zinc roof.
The staircase weaves upwards and around the interior sunlit patio on the first floor, so the functional zones extend vertically around the core source of natural light.
A sheltered area with a circular cut out on one side of the roof serves as an outdoor relaxation area for the adults, and a play area for their child.
Atop the kitchen and bathroom lies an additional sleeping quarter, directly under the sky above.
Potrero Residence  Facade
The mashrabiyah insuring intimacy and heat protection
Looking north from the front door, one looks through a 12'h x 8' w window looking on the stone embedded in the landscape which came from the excavated bedrock when construction the home.
Windows and skylights have been strategically placed throughout to capture striking views of the surrounding trees. Here, a bedroom cantilevers above the entrance patio.
A punched-out square window acts as living art in the stairwell.
Each of the windows are deeply recessed, creating a frame-like effect.
The sloped ceiling of the loft space is covered in scalloped shingles painted blue.
The tree-shaped window frames bring an abstract forest indoors.
A large arched window within the rear facade opens out from the mezzanine to the new outdoor terrace, capturing sunlight throughout the day.
Casement windows let cooling breezes in from the west.
Ong and his team pared back the building form and materials so the proportions of the house became more distinct.
"The arrangement of functional volumes and voids, openings, and greenery integrates and entangles the building into a single organic whole," Hirata notes.
Wilson also incorporated high levels of insulation and double glazing to make the house energy efficient.
The screens help control sunlight penetration and passive solar radiation.