339 Windows Design Photos And Ideas - Page 3

Modern windows have the vital task of connecting your home with the outside world. Bringing in air and light, they provide opportunities for contemplation when arranged above a dining nook, or a portal to the natural world when overlooking an oceanside scene. Framed with wood, metal, or vinyl, these inspiring window designs range from skylights to picture windows.

Windows are used to maximize space.
A small balcony reveals stunning views of the city.
Kathrin is also a stained glass artist and this piece is from her collection called Bands of Color.
The insulated glass at the front of the house was glazed on-site. “The result is far more glass and far less mullion than in a typical glass wall,” says Alter.
By resisting the urge to fill every inch of the tiny house, the team retains a spacious feel.
Designer Kevin Heisler says the inspiration for the glass entry design was a reference to the pattern of one of Wright's windows.
A narrow window creates a visual connection between the bedroom and kitchen.
Four aluminum-frame skylights were created on the building's original roof.
A look at one of the painting that hangs on the glass wall.
A traditional Japanese tatami room.
Front facade in snow
The interior "tubular" shell forms these organic window openings in some spots.
A close-up of the windows meeting the stone wall.
Daily on-site events and activities include DJ, live music, curated film screenings, city excursions, and more.
Up close, the frit reveals a dense composition of layered, swooping curves, evocative of the motions of chefs’ hands at work.
Full height glazing provides a direct visual connection to the exterior foliage.
A built-in ladder provides access to the roof deck.  The blue skies contrast with the light pink walls, creating a pastel composition of solid and void.
A study area that looks out to the street.
In the ground floor apartment, "there are picture windows with operable awning [windows] below, which provide the cross ventilation," said Wiedemann.
This large screened porch is a favorite destination of the homeowner. "She spends a lot of time on the screened porch because it straddles the meadow and the mountains," said Wiedemann. "And it's directly accessible from the living area and the kitchen."
Skylights flooding the staircase in natural daylight and increasing the sense of height in the house.
Continuous windows draw daylight deep into the space, while providing views of the distant landscape and sky beyond.
Factory-style skylights on the northern facets of the sawtooth roof.
Inside the sun shines through the colorful stained glass windows.
Fully-glazed walls and skylights flood the living space with sunlight.
Four generous skylight windows to flood the interiors with light.
Light enters the home from all sides, even those which are closest to the hill.
Some of the large planes of glass are sliding doors that open to the outside.
The stairwell leading from the living areas on the ground level, up to the upper level bedroom.
While the homeowners and their guests have plenty of opportunities to view the outdoors, thanks in large part to windows and doors by Alumilex, an abundance of cedars offers privacy from the outside looking in. “We wanted to cut the least amount of trees,” Tremblay said.
A circular skylight illuminate the living areas.
A narrow glass window that cuts through the interiors from floor to ceiling.
Views from the main living area focus on the surrounding vegetation. "Instead of placing the house on the spot with the best view, it is situated in a way that is tailored to the specific terrain, and gives prominence to the views from the outdoor room," write Lung Hagem Arkitekter.
Large windows bring in plenty of natural light.
Skylights on the second level of the house.
Picture windows frame views on both ends of the kitchen of the kitchen counter.
The ceilings of the attic slope downwards towards level of the cullis, to create a more cloistered atmosphere.
Girodo says the “high insulation performance of the shell” allows the building to function in a setting that experiences significant temperature fluctuations and extreme cold. Occupants of the front room, which functions as a reception area, can take in the views from its full-height windows in complete comfort.
The extensive use of natural wood on nearly every surface makes the inside of The Barn feel like an extension of the landscape outside.
The plan of the house revolves around a rocky outcropping lush with life that acts as the home’s central atrium. The granite was left intact in order to serve as the nucleus of the courtyard, and the walls of windows draw a wealth of natural daylight into the back of the building.
A walkable glass skylight filters light to the second floor.
A skylight in the ceiling floods the house’s double-height wood trellis bridge with plenty of natural light.
The master suite is filled with plentiful views, while taking advantage of the forest of cedars to provide complete privacy year round.