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Modern windows have the vital task of connecting your home with the outside world. Bringing in air and light, they provide opportunities for contemplation when arranged above a dining nook, or a portal to the natural world when overlooking an oceanside scene. Framed with wood, metal, or vinyl, these inspiring window designs range from skylights to picture windows.

The dark facade that covers Das Schwarze Haus has been preserved through carbonization, instead of through chemical treatment. Buero Wagner's design sits quietly in the countryside, a slender volume rising out of the trees.
Different colored lights are used in different parts of the home to create a layered effect seen through the geometric wall openings.
The suite will be placed underneath the Louvre Pyramid.
This residence is centered around a 34-foot-tall light well, which floods the home with warm natural light. In the summer, this area is transformed into a heat chimney by drawing warm air up to the operable skylight. Cooler air flows in through the glazed windows at the garden level, blending beauty and sustainability.
Large, full-height windows bring a sense of the surroundings inside the home.
“One of the great things about the Marvin lift-and-slide doors is how they disappear into the pockets,” notes Meelena. “It’s not a typical solution, and it offers exactly what we hoped to achieve with this home. We wanted to foster an intimate connection with the outdoors.”
“There have been so many cool things we’ve done in this home that we’ve been wanting to do with our clients for a long time, but it’s difficult to sell an idea to someone when you haven’t done it before yourself,” explains Joel. “Take for instance the living platform. If you describe the notion of a living platform to a client, they might think you’re a bit off your rocker, but when they see it and they see the kids playing on it and how it interacts between indoor and out, it instantly opens up new possibilities.”
The double-height glass is layered over with a brise-soleil at the upper floor which screens sun, adds visual interest to the facade, and creates lovely interior shadows.
Along with a three-car garage, a chill-out loft space for hot yoga and musical jam sessions is a perk of the carriage house.
Natural light pours through the timber-framed loft.
Two large sliding doors centered with the tasting room bar bring the vineyard into the space, while also serving as a passive cooling system in the summer when used in tandem with the upper clerestory windows.
Like Irving Gill’s Dodge House, Zamarbide’s dwelling is designed to capture changing shadows and daylight with its minimalist surfaces while framing views through arched windows.
Locally sourced, low-emitting materials were used inside and out. The floors throughout are bamboo.
The front facade
Guests encounter Winner/Loser (2018), two bull sharks preserved in formaldehyde, upon entering the suite.
The desert vibe is strong throughout the home.
A narrow glass window that cuts through the interiors from floor to ceiling.
A skylight brightens the entryway.
The design team refurbished a classic Solari split-flap message board (with authentic original mechanical operation) manufactured in Udine, Italy.
A closer look at the stone curtain.
Light is a fundamental element of the home. The balance between large openings and small windows enhances the interior space.
Casa Gilardi by Luis Barragán
Casa Gilardi by Luis Barragán
Mount Pleasant Modern: Front Entry Interior
Double glazed patio doors and bedroom window custom manufactured by Velfac.
The white-washed Baltic birch plywood coffered ceiling is fitted with Velux skylights that bathe the work room in natural light.
A section of the metal wall can be swung open to a 45-degree angle where it meets the opened glass door of the atelier and both lock into place. The moveable wall also has a hidden triangular ceiling piece that provides a cap to the extended passageway.
The living room resembles a large eye with a curved window and an eyelash-like eave that protects against dust, wind, sun, and rain.
The interiors are lined with pinewood, and textiles within the cabins are made of 100-percent local wool.
South-facing windows capture the winter sun while framing the best views of the garden.
The living room features a hand-shaped chair by Mexican artist Pedro Friedeberg, and a Bubble chair by Eero Aarnio.
A window looks down to the courtyard.
Views from the main living area focus on the surrounding vegetation. "Instead of placing the house on the spot with the best view, it is situated in a way that is tailored to the specific terrain, and gives prominence to the views from the outdoor room," write Lung Hagem Arkitekter.
The sunlit bedroom.
View looking up at facade from sidewalk.
Living area, looking toward entry alcove and through front bay window up street.
Dining area and light-well window.
Detail at front bay window corner.
The upper section of the façade is clad in timber, and features large steel-framed windows that extend slightly beyond the siding.
In the entryway, a Tati lamp by Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell sits on a shelf Christopher made from kitchen cabinetry scraps.
The unique window arrangement floors the space with light and improves the flow of air through the space.
The outcrop of rock and a tree have been incorporated into the design of the home.
This writer’s studio features ample lighting and carefully chosen windows and openings—essential elements of an uplifting she shed or other outbuildings.
A reading bench looks out to the garden.
The Dortheavej Residence offers affordable and attractive public housing in Copenhagen.
Glassman Westcoast glazing and aluminum windows help orchestrate the indoor/outdoor connection.
One of the home’s many sliding cedar shutters opens to reveal a spectacular vista.
The floor panels are transparent, providing the feeling of total immersion in the forest.
A close-up of the integrated planter in front of a south-facing window.
The two-story, light-filled courtyard opens the ground floor up to the floors above, providing visually transparency between floors.