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A tall custom niche displays various tabletop items Sottsass designed for brands Habitat, Memphis, Egizia, and Anthologie Quartett.
Stairs / Under stairs Closet
Close-up step-storage and moving divider panel with storage and usable surfaces
However, relying solely on concrete was not the best use of the budget, so Mulvena “balanced the concrete floors and highlights with a simple palette of affordable but industrial materials: black steel and plywood." The couch is by BoConcept.
Loft B tenants Melissa and Keith Bishop downsized from a 3,000 square foot space to a cozy 720 square foot loft. "We downsized our lives," Melissa says. "We streamlined."
Ewing used Canadian maple for the hallway and living-room floors, giving them a bright, clean look. A built-in shelving system borders the hearth, creating functional and decorative storage spaces for firewood collected on-site.
A ladder leads to built-in book shelves.
Orpilla and Alexander’s first furniture purchase, a Christopher Deam credenza, now inspires a much larger collection of furniture.
Blond Dinesen Douglas-fir floorboards stretch the length of the house, framing its clean planes and lines. The stairs, which cantilever out from the house’s original bare brick walls, are mounted on brackets and made from the same material. The house and Dinesen itself are well matched: Both are just over a century old.
The interior nods to its host structure’s heritage with some walls and the ceiling clad in reclaimed oak from a Kentucky farmhouse. Custom pendants by Mickus Projects hang above a Curzon table from Modloft.
Fein was tasked with reimagining a master suite in a ranch house in Mission Hills, Kansas. A wall of handleless cabinets serves as the closet, subtly dividing the space from the bath area.
Given the spatial constraints, the staircase leading to the upstairs loft needed to be a short and steep. Since the residents wanted a workspace in the living area, the architects turned the underside of the stairs into a handy bookshelf.
Sarti is only too happy to demonstrate one of his favorite inventions: a mobile kitchen-supply box/cocktail station/breakfast bar with casters that hides beneath the stairs.
Local sailboat shops wanted thousands to make the 13-by-13-foot curtain that hides the Wall of Storage. "We we called my parents in Bangkok, gave them the dimensions, and they got it made for 150 bucks." says Im.
The main living room, separated by a freestanding wall, continues into an open study. The bookshelves, close to ten feet tall, are home to numerous architectural books, philosophy texts, and the literary work of Ayn Rand. Recessed speakers emanate music throughout, dependant on the wills of Jespersens' iPod.
Raising the bed above floor level, architect Kyu Sung Woo converted this tiny studio into an open and comfortable home for Wonbo Woo. Photos by: Adam Friedberg
Cabinetmaker Ben Wilborn carefully matched the grain of the cabinets, which hold everything from dishes to a television, while a steel niche for the dining table leaf doubles as a display space.
A close-up of the bookshelves made of MDF clad in bamboo veneer.
A wall of books travels the height of the stairs leading to Ann Wansbrough’s office, which rests comfortably on the top floor despite her limited mobility.
An almost-concealed door designed as a part of the kitchen cabinetry leads to the main bedroom and en-suite bath.
The dining room.
The shoe closet.
Shoe storage and audio equipment are blended into the partition. Thus, subordinate furniture is no longer independent but merged into the space
Architects Silvia Ullmayer and Allan Sylvester helped reinvent metalworker Simone ten Hompel’s 576-square-foot flat, with a retractable skylight and streamlined storage under the stairs.
Custom cabinetry, open walk-in
blue entry door + eames hang-it-all at coat closet

[midcentury modern addition / laguna niguel, california]
To make the most of 13-foot-high ceilings that help draw hot air out through second-floor windows and doors, designer Daniel Garness painted select walls with playful color and lined them with maple plywood bookcases. Library ladders (about $1,500 each from Alaco Ladder Company) provide access to reading material and a sleeping loft.
The house produces electricity for all the household appliances and even features an independent sewage system.
Since the closet wasn’t being used for much hanging storage anyway, we created a more functional solution for that area using more custom built-ins. Now they have a great place to store what they need to store, while still having a smaller hanging area on the left.
Custom cabinetry, open walk-in
Twin storage towers may draw inspiration from minimalist artists like Donald Judd, but they are the perfect foil for clutter.
Up above the sitting room a duo of Eames shell chairs and a bank of luminous operable windows await a pair of weary readers.
new "stairage" out of ash wood
wooden box containing the bathroom

Modern storage solutions transcend the idea of "out of sight, out of mind." Storage doesn't have to mean a box unceremoniously shoved under a bed—it can be a way to display your most treasured objects, or step foot into the minimalist lifestyle. Browse some of the most innovative storage ideas there are—including closets, cabinets, shelves, and that challenging space under the stairs.