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In such a small space “you have to organize, and every piece takes a decision,” says resident Heidi Wright. The couple keep things they use less frequently, like guest bedding, in the higher cabinets.
A colorful, laminate-clad wall of storage stretches seamlessly from the kitchen—where it holds a full-size built-in Sub-Zero refrigerator and freezer, a Miele dishwasher, a Bosch cooktop, and a tiny convection oven—to the bedroom, where it contains the couple’s clothing, shoes, and linens.
Montague arranges his objects with a sense of humor. Custom shelves display his collection of salt and pepper shakers.
“Gatherings here can be a very rich experience, a dis-cussion around art history, music, food, and fashion.”—Kenneth Montague
The other side of the "vault" houses a powder room with a concealed toilet and nature inspired wallpaper. The single slope sink is a custom piece by Concrete Interiors who also fabricated the wetbar countertop. The wall mount faucet is Axor by Hansgrohe.
Art, photographs, and sculpture are thoughtfully displayed.
Bar in the dining room with a patterned tile from the Modern line at Ann Sacks.
In the bedroom, mailing tubes tucked between a concrete weight-bearing post and the eastern wall serve as substitutes for a chest of drawers.
Storage options for the ‘working side’ include shelves, pot racks, integrated outlets, knife storage, and recessed areas for things like keys.
Opencase panels allow adjacent walls within a home to feel resolved, and cohesively woven into the surrounding design.<cite data-placeholder=
A wide range of accessory materials, including steel, wood, leather, and fabric, allows homeowners to personalize and customize their space.
Hernaez organizes CDs on a modular lapacho wood shelf designed by Sticotti.
Keeping everything in its place is critical in this tiny home. Shelving designed by Kirkpatrick helps immensely. He's also designed the coffee table; the couch was picked up at a second-hand store. The vaporproof ceiling light is from RAB lighting.
“Materials were a major consideration in this house,” says Massie, who created a curtain wall with steel supports adorned with sandwiched layers of birch plywood and amber acrylic. “When light enters that wall, the layers of acrylic allow it to come through and glow—it’s really quite beautiful,” says Massie, who added the same acrylic for the thin window at the end. “That plays off the yellows in the Gambone ceramics and the Eames storage unit,” notes Wooten.
Personal keepsakes, like a mobile by Anne Siems, soften the slightly industrial aesthetic.
Sparky the wirehaired fox terrier takes a load off in front of one of the cherry-ply cabinets with sanded acrylic doors that Azevedo built for the kitchen.
Exposed brick and a 1970s sound system add to Proud Mary's comfy vibe.
To stay within the budget, the designers decided to forgo natural stone in the bathrooms in lieu of simple vitrified tile. The bathroom isn't without its luxuries, however, as evidenced by the heated towel rail from Hydrotherm.
“When we buy something new, it’s usually with the intent to replace something we are ready to part with. It’s a delicate balance of give-and-take.”
A flat roof and all-white interior unifies the home's three volumes.
In his studio, Priatman blew up an aerial photograph of Surabaya, where he is based, to map his current architectural projects.
The apartment's entryway features a hidden storage wall and media console.
When entering into the house, a long corridor faces a large window and leads out to the pool and deck. The first floor also includes the children's bedrooms and utilities.
Flournoy’s favorite aspect of the design is that “every space in the house is used and appreciated.” This light-filled hallway overlooking the staircase connects the home’s two bedrooms to an upstairs living space, and provides the ideal spot for another bookcase. Flournoy and his partner found the hall chandelier, along with the salvaged mill table that they repurposed as their kitchen island, on a trip to Chicago.
The kitchen cabinets are custom-made from salvaged cypress.
Pieces from Lawrence’s voluminous archive act like unintentional architectural ornaments, bringing color and humanity to the often Spartan LOT-EK design.
A Vitsœ shelving system and a  collection of bamboo baskets made in Vietnam occupy a sunny corner in the office that Lauren and Keith share on the top floor.
The console is vintage Florence Knoll.
“Try to group uses and find solutions that solve multiple problems,” Borowski counsels. As an example, Pozner cites the idea of having the loft stairs double as clothing drawers. Though he eschewed a handrail, preferring a cleaner look, Pozner says that the slipperiness of the stairs “remains a work in progress. We had grooves, but they hurt my feet.” The pair are now looking into heavy-duty felt treads.
Entry rift & quartered oak millwork storage, closet & bench.
Guest bedroom rift & quartered oak closet, display shelving and door to storage.
The main built-ins—a sofa bed, table and chairs, and plenty of storage—run the length of the space and are tucked snugly beneath the ceiling. The green Tube Top 14 lamp by Pablo Pardo is from Relish Design.
“Our desire was to have the spaces appear as though they were carved from a single block of wood, with the movable pieces an integral part of the overall composition,” says Vincent. “This created a feeling of seamlessness.”
Before breaking off on her own, Tacheny apprenticed with Chicago woodworker John Miller, designed for Blu Dot, and worked on Target’s furniture design team.
Simple wall-mounted strip lighting, seen here in the cloakroom, is used throughout the house. "The beauty is the light, not the fitting," explains Van Everbroeck.
A utilitarian mudroom features built-in storage, ski boot warmers, and a solid wood bench.
In the ground-floor gallery, 40-foot-long library shelving is punctuated by floor-to-ceiling columns made from white acrylic panels that conceal low-cost fluorescent-tube lighting.
A second bedroom was converted into a home office/dining room. A Dieter Rams 606 Universal Shelving System lines the wall.
Seeing Double

To cover up his shoe-storage shelves, Sherman bought bamboo bead curtains from the Callaloo Company emblazoned with an image of the Madonna. He separated out every other strand to create two curtains from one, resulting 

in twinned pixelated images. The resulting pattern is “like a Chuck Close that everyone can afford,” says Sherman.
The Charm Townhouse - Master bathroom - cut to size 'Carrara Bianco' tiles intensifying the high ceiling
A large bed hides behind the couch. The lights affixed to the canopy bed frame are Nordlux Cyclone reading lamps.
The Wall of Storage came after the couple moved in.
The apartment's built-in closets are deep and have mirrors on one side. Spotlights set flush overhead provide light and also allow the maximum amount of storage, all the way to the ceiling. For more of Schönning's dark, cozy-meets-modern interiors, visit his website. Photo by Per Magnus Persson.
WH Residence | M3 Architects
“A lot of the things in here are found objects,” Siegal says of her home’s contents. The vintage stove, with its funky yellow Bakelite knobs, was inherited from the previous owner.
The limited space means that every purchase has to be a rational one. So each sock, shirt, and shoe has to have a place, otherwise something else has to make way for it. Not ideal for those who enjoy Sunday-morning flea markets, but it certainly enforces a high degree of tidiness.
The storage of the bicycles and cycling gear was a major factor in the design of the cupboard space. The floor is plain and simple to clean, which is essential for those wet winter days when they return home from work with muddy wheels and dripping clothing.
Built-ins in the bedroom echo the cabinetry from the great room.
Tidy shelving provides perfect storage for Phaidon’s Art and Ideas series. Joseph Albers prints hang in the background.
The garage is an exercise in “hide and reveal.” The Corian shelf features an outlet in a converted book, a detail that brings delight to a mundane task. “We wanted to make the experience of plugging in a phone or computer joyful,” Grizzle says.

Modern storage solutions transcend the idea of "out of sight, out of mind." Storage doesn't have to mean a box unceremoniously shoved under a bed—it can be a way to display your most treasured objects, or step foot into the minimalist lifestyle. Browse some of the most innovative storage ideas there are—including closets, cabinets, shelves, and that challenging space under the stairs.