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Aluminum Master Bedroom storage
Meg Home | Olson Kundig
Meg Home | Olson Kundig
Show It Off

While the couple’s art collection is a focal point of the house, the structure’s abundance of glass walls means there are fewer places on which to hang it. Custom one-and-a-quarter-inch hardwood-plank shelves and a credenza from DWR provide places to rotate favorite pieces.
A drop-down countertop conceals dishware and other kitchen belongings.
Three deceptively simple shelves made of particleboard are the house's main structural elements. By pushing any one of the units, the resident can easily reposition it; they slide left or right with a simple track system.
The apartment is filled with storage units, including this custom piece in the master bedroom by Tom Clossey.
Transitioning from the eating bar, a wall of bookshelves carries through the space.
One vignette, propped up on a radiator, features a pot by Isaac Nichols, a rope basket by Trish Andersen, and a crystal from Sprout Home.
In the closet stick-like wall hooks continue the rural motif.
Custom American cherry pocket doors lead to the dining room.  By RobitailleCurtis
Generous storage is key to an uncluttered look. Drawers for shoes tuck away under the raised mezzanine floor.
The residence architect Cary Bernstein designed for Scott Croyle and his family is an exercise in hide-and-seek. Clever storage keeps the space clutter-free and lets the structure shine. In the entryway, drawers tuck under the mezzanine, niches hold artwork, and speakers are built in line with the cabinets.
Store magazines and more in this sturdy felt tote. Leather laces and handles create a sophisticated mix of materials. The tote stands upright so you can easily place it next to your sofa or under your desk.
Simpson runs his practice, WireDog Architecture, from his home study, where custom bookshelves line the perimeter of the mezzanine for a storage solution that doubles as railing.
These include the Cesta floor lamp by Miguel Milá and the wall cabinet by Studio Junction in the living room. The photograph hanging above the cabinet is by Joshua Jensen-Nagle. A ceramic dove—a vintage piece by the sculptor Cleo Hartwig—shares space with an antique Zulu beer pot. The painting is by Max Papart.
Brambilla designed and crafted the built-in bookcase in a common area from laminated red birch.
From the previous owners, Lange spied several key pieces of vintage furniture, including two rare George Nelson Thin Edge dressers for Herman Miller.
Artwork hangs above the built-in storage in the English basement.
Bob Krone and Paula Van Dijk pose in front of their built-in bookcase. They live in the red unit.
Sawatzky designed the bookshelves along the living room wall out of Ikea components: one-inch Lagan butcher block countertops and inexpensive Ekby Lerberg brackets. She also used pieces of the strong and attractive countertops for built-in shelves in the upstairs lounge as well as for trim in the kitchen.
A built-in closet and chalkboard surface in the entry keeps things tidy and the couple's to-do list in order.
In the kitchen, a single Sektion wardrobe from IKEA is used to stow both clothing and various food and dining items. Throughout the apartment, Krajewski replaced the time-worn flooring, installing new white oak planks by Hull Forest with a buffed oil finish by Waterlox.
Houses in The Village feature Marvin windows and doors, energy-efficient GE and Frigidaire appliances, Mitsubishi heat pumps, and Zehnder HRV systems. Each buyer was able to customize the interior finish package of their house from options that met the community’s sustainability guidelines. One area in which residents’ tastes differed was flooring; the Davis family chose cork. In place of closets, the houses have built-in storage made of Douglas fir plywood.
Cantilevered shelves flank the bed and function as nightstands.

New York, New York
Dwell Magazine : November / December 2017
More closets and built-in desks with plenty of drawers are in the office and the studio.

New York, New York
Dwell Magazine : November / December 2017
Brooklyn, New York
Dwell Magazine : July / August 2017
Happy Accent

Now that the interior’s palette is firmly in place, Winterhalder has slowly been adding splashes of color. E27 pendant lamps from Muuto in the kitchen and guest room have 

red cords; one wall in the guest room is also red, with matching red locker storage. The inside of the front door is painted bright green. “For me, they’re kids’ colors,” she says. “I just love them.” 

Books, models, and more prototypes—including the 1991 Powder Horse stool, composed of concave stainless-steel surfaces—fill Venlet’s atelier.
Exposed pine boards dominate the interior, giving a subtle, warm backdrop to the splashes of color that his stove and collection of books provide.
Exposed pine dominates the downstairs reception area.
Ornate concrete blocks screen a storage area in the kitchen while letting light through. The effect is “romantic—romantyczny,” says Nix.
Nix and Novak-Zemplinski designed the black-steel bookshelves and had them fabricated at a local metal shop.
Designer Christiane Hogner, Bruxelles
Like the bed and built-in nightstand, the door is by Lloyd’s Custom Woodwork. The WGS stool near the vanity is by Gallotti&Radice.
During the renovation, Grimley and Smith added built-in storage to keep clutter in check.
Net Zero Energy House 

The goal, a new two-level home that could score as high as reasonable in the "GreenPoint Rated System”. The owners de-constructed their existing home when they realized that any single-story design would completely eliminate their back yard.
Net Zero Energy House 

The goal, a new two-level home that could score as high as reasonable in the "GreenPoint Rated System”. The owners de-constructed their existing home when they realized that any single-story design would completely eliminate their back yard.
Open shelving between the living room and dining area maximizes light and air flow and showcases eclectic objects, which include old printing blocks found at a garage sale and bowls Tyler’s mother bought in South Africa.
An Alekos Fassianos lithograph and soft blue niches offset the wood paneling. An IC lamp by Michael Anastassiades hangs in the hallway.
Chicago, Illinois
Dwell Magazine : September / October 2017

Modern storage solutions transcend the idea of "out of sight, out of mind." Storage doesn't have to mean a box unceremoniously shoved under a bed—it can be a way to display your most treasured objects, or step foot into the minimalist lifestyle. Browse some of the most innovative storage ideas there are—including closets, cabinets, shelves, and that challenging space under the stairs.