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This bespoke cabinet in the closet was custom-made by the firm and features small colorful doors, alluding to a magic cube.
The dressing room walk-in closet in the master suite.
A dressing room with built-in storage.
Open shelving is a staple of Food52, and here, it can be a versatile place to display tools and artwork.
The tables on the ends of the storage aisles can be workspaces for employees, thanks to power outlets and USB plugs.
<b>Cabinetry: </b>The owners’ biggest savings came from building the cabinetry themselves. Because the house has no garage, the couple wanted lots of indoor storage, which they mostly hid behind flush, full-height “second-grade” cedar doors.
Typically hidden under a mattress to support it in a bedframe, the Ikea slatted Sultan Lade is instead an item for display in this hack.  The Sultan Lade is hung from the wall off two sturdy wall hooks, and then the slats hold a variety of items, from lamps and books to Ikea S-hooks supporting storage baskets.
Butler's pantry with herringbone backsplash
White surfaces complete the interior, adding to the spacious, open feel.
Kitchen Shelving + Stair
Photo caption: The second floor features this clever storage design—a “hidden space,” as co-design studio refers to it.
To break up the long living room, Pettit created a walnut bookcase at the entrance.
Wardrobe closets display the exposed ply edges which create a unique outline within the millwork.
By stealing 15 inches from the kitchen, they were able to add a dry bar to the living room side of the space. The two first decided to do this when they came upon the idea over beers and trace paper in their favorite local bar.
This bookshelf and storage credenza are part of the "Modern" collection.
The home features plenty of storage and joinery to accommodate the needs for a growing family. High quality fit-outs and joinery, as pictured above, give this space a luxurious feel.
Nearly 10,000 hours went into the planning of the Kasita, which comes with home automation, modular furniture, and endless stowaways.
Storage racks for surf boards.
Upstairs, a wooden slatted wall doubles as a bookshelf.
The interior surfaces of The Phoenix are either raw plywood or galvanized metal resulting in a utilitarian feel with no maintenance needs.
A glass encased wine storage system lets the owners and their guests select a bottle with ease.
Fiedler Marciano Architecture crafted not only the loft, but also many of the industrial design objects. The bookcase here is part of the "black" family of objects, including the closet storage and stair. The "white" family of object include the bathroom, kitchen, and more.
More treasured pieces, including a clear glass bud vase by William Gudenrath from the Corning Museum of Glass and a bronze palm from De Vera in San Francisco, occupy the living room bookshelves.
Photo caption: The wall beneath the stairs of this Beverly Hills home holds hidden storage, including an Enomatic wine dispenser and Sub-Zero refrigerated drawers.
The second floor is laid out with almost nautical efficiency. Behind the closet is the bathroom.
From this workspace, the apartment’s owners can look out to the garden.
The lacquered panels’ of the bespoke storage unit conceal a direct access to the bedroom from the main entrance through a double door, like a secret entrance that keeps the room private and independent.
In the entryway, light is provided by a minimalist glass globe, built-in within the unit, and through another niche that peeks into the living room.
Additional storage is everywhere.
A cut-out, light pink doorway connects the living area to the entrance while hiding closet doors on both sides.
The couple maximized storage in every inch of space on the bus.
All storage and shelving is meticulously integrated into the overall design.  A shelf above the bath provides storage for hiking packs.
A clear railing follows the stairs to the second floor.
The stylish hooks in the bedroom were sourced from twenty21, a Melbourne-based shop that specializes in midcentury designs.
Australian paint by Haymes envelopes the interior, including vertical and built-in storage.
A boat ladder style step leads up to a small portico.
At one corner of the cabinet wall, a short flight of steps, shaped like a boat ladder, leads to another closet-like door that opens to a small portico.
Central cabinet
The black tile in the entryway mirrors that used in the bathroom, giving the small palette of materials a kind of interior coherence.
A new bathroom is tucked under the existing stair.
Photo caption: In the entryway, drawers tuck under the mezzanine, niches hold artwork, and speakers are built in line with the cabinets.
Photo caption: Seldom-needed stuff (luggage, winter clothes) is stashed in the high storage cabinets in the children’s bedroom.
Photo caption: Clean lines in plywood and ample hidden storage give this home a sleek contemporary look.
Photo caption: The custom cabinetry is made with bleached rift-cut white oak and finished with mirror pulls. Created by David Amble Cabinetry, the cabinets were designed to be put to serious use—one holds extra folding dining chairs while another hides a Murphy bed.
Photo caption: This renovation preserved the depth behind the medicine cabinets for linen storage.

Modern storage solutions transcend the idea of "out of sight, out of mind." Storage doesn't have to mean a box unceremoniously shoved under a bed—it can be a way to display your most treasured objects, or step foot into the minimalist lifestyle. Browse some of the most innovative storage ideas there are—including closets, cabinets, shelves, and that challenging space under the stairs.