1166 Staircase Design Photos And Ideas

A large skylight mirrors the plan of the stairs, allowing light to fall into the corridors.
The wooden staircase of Tarusa House features a large street-facing window. Wood covers the floor, ceiling, and walls in most of this home designed by Architectural Bureau Project 905.
A spiral staircase leads to the lower level.
Brass accents at the stairway and in a custom display unit.
The color palette used in the Strata Hotel and Paramount Alma were carried over to the new addition. "The red and greens are complementary colors that combine well with lush green summer landscape and give a nice, refreshing feeling and contrast to the white winter landscape," says Hell.
A stairwell is punctuated with natural light from an expansive window on the second-floor.
The staircase is suspended on steel rods and borders the atrium, in order to bring plentiful natural light into the stair volume.
Entry facing North
Floating wood treads mimic the suspended exterior volume.
"There is a contrast of these scrappy and rough elements with the more refined materials that allows the house to not take itself so seriously, and makes the vibe much more relaxed and comfortable," said Knight.
Much of the metal fabrication work was done by Deters, including the stairs, which combines raw steel with solid black walnut tread.
Maya Sheinberger redesigned the MG House so that each floor would be more cohesive. The first floor was developed alongside the landscape design, the second floor shifts according to the family's needs, and the eldest daughter lives on the third floor.
A double-height brick wall near the stairs adds midcentury charm.
The staircase is a defining feature at the school, connecting the flexible play area with the science and art classrooms.
Fans, textiles, and illustrations behind the reception desk, adjacent to the palace's original staircase, transport guests to far-off lands upon entry.
Artist João Pedro Rodrigues enlivens the hotel's entry with an installation of fantastical heads.
A timber-and-stone clad staircase divides the master bedroom wing from the living space, which flows from the open south-facing deck.
The entryway.
As the name suggests, the Courtyard House by Atelier SUN is built around a central courtyard. Light wood stairs sprawl out from the center to access all floor levels. The skylight here provides a feeling of airiness and a connection to the outdoors.
While the light-filled Chojamaru View Terrace features an unassuming concrete facade, Endo Architect and Associates carefully designed each unit of the project to have spacious interiors. The delicate staircases are sturdy but unobtrusive.
Wheeler Kearns Architects used steel to construct the shelving, storage, and stairs leading up to the mezzanine loft in the Residence for Two Collectors. The client’s father was a machinist, so the fabrication of these elements lends a personal touch to the project.
An open central stair located next to a building-high glass wall makes traveling between floors a dynamic experience.
A welded spiral staircase leads to the sleeping loft.
Nothing but WOW ❤️❤️❤️
“Every part of the house can ‘do’ more than one thing,” explains the design studio. “The stairs are not just a staircase. They are a laundry room, a bathroom, a bookshelf and workplace.”
Steps lead down from the kitchen to the living room and dining area. Open shelving keeps the spaces connected but distinct.
For a minimalist balustrade, the architects installed Ronstan Carl Stahl X-Tend stainless steel mesh to separate the stairs from the kitchen.
All rooms revolve around the centrally located Enzie Universal series 1500 spiral staircase.
A stairway of white oak, oiled to impart a matte finish, leads into the apartment. The residents left the design decisions up to K-Studio, only requesting that the house have a "contemporary and calm" feeling.
The cool blue tones reflect late dusk.
Thomas pairs handmade goods with antique and natural elements to instill a cozy, yet artsy aesthetic.
Two sets of double doors merge the interior with the covered exterior.
Walls were removed and a new open riser stair was stacked vertically along the party wall from the basement to the third floor, inviting light and air into the once light-devoid interior spaces.
A view of the stairs and kitchen.
A steel bridge connects the upper level master suite (to the left) with the existing bedrooms to the right.
A new steel staircase with wood tread and a cable railing does not block views outside. The double-height window systems used at the front and back of the home are glass storefront units from YKK.
The back staircase abuts a glass facade overlooking the backyard, allowing plenty of light into the kitchen area above. The art hanging on the wall is by artist Julie Thevenot.
Above the living space, stairs lead to an open attic that provides enough space for eight people to sleep.
Homeowners Keith Conway and Chris Klein converted a former hayloft into a sleek, modern space that pays homage to its roots.
Local carpentry workshop Hamra designed the furniture for the restaurant.
A bookcase ladder provides access to the double loft space above.
Bathed in soft light, the minimalist plaster walls give the hotel an elegant feel.
Vintage Adrian Pearsall swivel chairs with upholstery by HM Duke Design anchor the stair landing along with an Urbia Vinya side table.
Painted a vibrant red (Benjamin Moore Chili Pepper 2004-20), the stairs offer a playful splash of color against the white walls.
The top two floors of the DFAB House are made of prefabricated, load-bearing timber modules.
Poured concrete stairs step down alongside built-in storage.
Rather than rip out the staircase, they applied a soft and earthy paint palette that syncs with the tones in the existing floors and helps everything to blend.
Entry Stair Volume
Entry Stair
Entry Stair Detail
The staircase at the rear of the home climbs up along the glass facade, allowing for elevated views of the forest.
The sculptural stairway is fitted with white oak floating treads, a steel stringer, and a glass guardrail.
At the rear of the house is a minimalist spiral staircase that winds up all four floors.
“The section and internal void works as a space where light travels around and produces a very calm sense of interiority. But also, from the rooms, it becomes a sort of interior courtyard,” Zamarbide said. The unfinished concrete slabs contrast with the cement block walls painted white.
The garden walkway leads to a double-height entry hall with a contemporary chandelier composed of pendant lights of varying shapes.

Whether grand and sweeping, rendered in wood, or a minimalist arrangment of metal and glass, the modern staircase is an example of literally elevated design. With its strong, geometric shape and functional importance, a masterful staircase can serve as the centerpiece of a building. Below are some notable examples of staircases that refuse to be ignored, and the creative tread and railing decisions that comprise them.