130 Staircase Metal Railing Wood Tread Design Photos And Ideas

Crowning the interior hallway is a Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke pendant, designed in 1958. The narrow apertures were designed to funnel the ocean breeze, contributing to the home’s passive cooling program. The walls are covered in American Clay, which helps to control humidity.
The entrance is highlighted by a custom walnut door designed by the architect, Jack Hawkins. Cheryl Chenault designed the interiors.
Paper lanterns from IKEA illuminate the lofted level. The structures, connected by sheltered walkways, frame a grassy courtyard. “Compositionally, I was trying to create bookends to the clubhouse.” Wells says. “I looked at all the parts in assembly.”
The materials are limited to white millwork and white oak. “When we come home, we want something serene,” Broughton says.
The open-tread stair leading from the garage to the second-floor living room sets the stage for a Star Wars–style duel.
Chris stained all the interior wood black, including this wall by the entry stairs.
The husband’s home office is furnished by a Toot lounge chair by Piero Lissoni for Cassina, a vintage Desk BO69 by Finn Juhl, and a Swivel chair by Hans Wegner. A custom picture rail, filled with family photos, is made of bands of wood that keep contents in place.
Though they give the appearance of bent plywood, each curved layer of the ribbed corridor was constructed with flat, laminated cutouts, including the rounded hand rail.
Tehrani designed the millwork throughout, collaboratingwith fabricator C. W. Keller + Associates. Seen from the foot of the central staircase, a set of blue, gray, and yellow Alphabet sofas by Piero Lissoni for Fritz Hansen furnish the family room on the first floor; the dining area lies just beyond, adjacent to the kitchen. A small aperture provides a peek into the second stairwell, which is situated at the center of the floor plan and leads to the garden level.
Opdahl House Interior Stairs
In the hallway, a yellow Raw chair by Jens Fager for Muuto pops against the white staircase.
Siegal chose a diagrid structure for the factory-built steel modules; polycarbonate panels create a luminous space beneath the stairs.
Staircase-VILLA CP
The staircase  follows the bedroom’s new primary material, French white oak.
A void created by the entry frames the stairway.
Rural and urban sensibilities mix indoors. The double-height living room nods to the loft-like spaces the family was accustomed to in Seattle; rough-hewn wood boards appeal to their "wabi sabi" taste in design.
Open stair treads, composed of rift awn white oak with a custom stain, allow light to pass through.
The staircase’s steel guardrail and the custom black bookshelf create a link between the kitchen, the living space, and the entryway.
Stair with yellow-filtered light through facade
Stair screen
Stairway with custom slat wall to give a hint of the stair beyond, while eliminating the need for extravagant, unwanted visual clutter of a railing.
The winding stairwell runs from the ground-floor offices all the way to the top of the house, creating an airshaft for natural ventilation and passive cooling.
Lofted mezzanine floors and bathrooms were added to the apartments. Room #1 is particulary bright and airy.
Stair to third floor family room
“When I have parties, there’s always something to get people talking.”—Kenneth Montague
Custom "grasshopper" stair
Sunlight is plentiful at every level of the house.
Steel stair and guardrail
The wood-and-steel open staircase wends its way up three stories, supported by a concrete structural wall embedded with PVC tubes and bare lightbulbs.
The steel stairwell that connects the garden-level patio with the new living space performs double duty as an anchor attached to the foundation.
Circular “sun disks” cut into the slanted roof create light shafts that move throughout the day, casting angular shadows as they pass over the steel staircases and catwalk.
The stairs are made of fumed and stained-engineered oak with a solid oak cap. Thanks to its complex geometrically, no level is the same.
Edgewood House
Mill Valley, CA
The same wood used in the kitchen appears in the exposed timber staircase and in the bathrooms.
Staircase and Storage
This staircase connects the common area to the guest suites above and the wine cellar below. The interplay of glass and metal on the handrails is a one of the architects’ favorite details.

Whether grand and sweeping, rendered in wood, or a minimalist arrangment of metal and glass, the modern staircase is an example of literally elevated design. With its strong, geometric shape and functional importance, a masterful staircase can serve as the centerpiece of a building. Below are some notable examples of staircases that refuse to be ignored, and the creative tread and railing decisions that comprise them.

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