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A staircase ascends past inset shelves to the second floor.
The doorframe to one of the roof decks follows the shape of the roofline.
The downstairs hallway flooring is Iranian travertine marble, while the stair and flooring in the upstairs hallway is oak. The walls have been finished with a polished concrete texture.
"The oversized skylight enables the owners to see the sky from the center of the house," Maydan says. "It was also important to ensure that the palm tree, which was planted in the center of the entry atrium, can get plenty of sunlight."
The mezzanine and upper loft are clad in wood, which fosters consistency with the lower level.
Floating tread allows sight lines between the entry and the opposite side of the room.
The staircase is a sculptural feature that brings together all of the elements of the project palette, including white concrete at the base, wood, and black steel. The white concrete is meant to appear as though it is emerging from the wood platform.
A Frank Gehry Wiggle Chair and Globe light from Ligne Roset sit beneath the stair. The metal encircling the concrete pillar was finished to match all of the other metal elements.

Photo: Mike Schwartz
The firm eliminated the awkward, angled section of mezzanine above and moved the working elements of the kitchen down the wall. Doing so gave the entry breathing room and now the corridor is lined with functional storage.
The grand staircase in the foyer was inspired by both nautilus shells and the columns of the Baldacchino at St. Peter's Basilica—both of which have dynamic, natural curves, and a twisting form.
The home's main entryway, with stairs leading down to a basement. A small powder room is tucked away in a seafoam-green boxed wall, with the kitchen hidden from view behind it.
Near the kitchen a stairwell leads down to the basement and a side patio.
The home’s open-riser stairway has a glass guardrail.
Sleek black steel encases the wooden stair treads that connect the home's three floors.
The richly textured wooden staircase lined with glazed banisters contrasts beautifully with the interior ivory walls and concrete floors.
Natural light illuminates living area.
High ceilings brings natural light and views into the space.
Maya Sheinberger redesigned the MG House so that each floor would be more cohesive. The first floor was developed alongside the landscape design, the second floor shifts according to the family's needs, and the eldest daughter lives on the third floor.
Steps lead down from the kitchen to the living room and dining area. Open shelving keeps the spaces connected but distinct.
The back staircase abuts a glass facade overlooking the backyard, allowing plenty of light into the kitchen area above. The art hanging on the wall is by artist Julie Thevenot.
Entry Stair Volume
Entry Stair
Entry Stair Detail
The sculptural stairway is fitted with white oak floating treads, a steel stringer, and a glass guardrail.
Mount Pleasant Modern: Stairs
Stair Detail
Central Stair
The use of concrete throughout provides thermal mass, while in-slab hydronic heating also stabilizes temperature.
Duratherm windows paint the black brick wall of the staircase with sunlight.
Dining area, looking toward central stair and entry alcove.
Glass stair rails help increase transparency, while storage beneath the staircase conserves space.
IF House - Photo 08
The sweeping staircase in CK House by Christiana Karagiorgi Architects runs alongside the home's wooden library.
staircase details
staircase and library details
The long, wood stairs appear as a screen, quietly revealing artwork between levels and spaces.
The grand, open tread wood staircase vertically connects the three floor plates, while creating an open and transparent connection between them all.
Porosity and transparency define the "arteries" that display artwork, connect the floors, and reveal moments of awe.
A new interior stair allows vertical circulation, and funnels light into the interior space.
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Foyer 01
Foyer 02

Whether grand and sweeping, rendered in wood, or a minimalist arrangment of metal and glass, the modern staircase is an example of literally elevated design. With its strong, geometric shape and functional importance, a masterful staircase can serve as the centerpiece of a building. Below are some notable examples of staircases that refuse to be ignored, and the creative tread and railing decisions that comprise them.