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The stair, an architectural piece in itself, composed of glass balustrades and open risers, allows light to fall further into the interior.
The ground floor is comprised of a living room, kitchen, and bathroom that are all detailed with larch wood. In the kitchen, a retro Bompani refrigerator and freezer blend in with the minimal aesthetic.
“We didn’t want panel-formed, smooth-like-glass concrete; we wanted texture,” Fleetwood says. A cast-resin piece by DeWain Valentine sits at the foot of the sculpted walnut stairs.
Jonas runs up the custom walnut stairwell, with inset Corian handrail, that leads up to the second-floor master suite.
The walnut staircase and slide in a Chicago town house leads from the main level to the basement. To protect people on the ride down, a “crash pad” fashioned from a standard gymnastic mat covers the wall at the slide’s base.
Staircase: View of Lower Level Family Room
The biggest single challenge was in the design and fabrication of the staircase.  The stair was required to be both code and child safety compliant.  The staircase’s unique features include the co-planar clear-tempered glass-rails and the child-proof open slots under the welded bent steel angles.  Supported by a sizable post concealed in the wall behind the stair, stair attachments are made with moment connections.  All metalwork on this job, including the stairs and door panels were site fabricated forging a unique hand-crafted industrial product, difficult to shop replicate.
Furniture with emphasized linear elements helps prevent the appearance of clutter in small spaces. It's particularly effective when highlighted in playful colors like the blue bench storage rack in this London guesthouse. Photo by Ben Anders.
The staircase connects the ground floor corridor to the second floor. The small walkway separates the master privates appartement from the rest of the house.
The balustrade is composed of wood fins.
Canyon Barn
Gananoque Lake Road House - Front Foyer
Stair to Roof
Metall srair
Stairway with recessed LED lighting
Stair Detail
Stainless steel stair and White Oak accent wall
Hood Canal Boat House
A look from the Entrence
Stairs to Bedroom. Original exposed interior brick. Ships ladder to loft/bedroom. Original loft floor/ceiling. Polished concrete floor below.
Left to right: Breakfast Nook, feature staircase and Dining Room with views of rear yard to right
The statuesque staircase made of metal, wood and glass sits just off the main entrance.
Edwardian Renovation - Stairs
Exterior stair up to a roof deck
Sconce and wall mounted cabinet
Stair Railing Detail

Whether grand and sweeping, rendered in wood, or a minimalist arrangment of metal and glass, the modern staircase is an example of literally elevated design. With its strong, geometric shape and functional importance, a masterful staircase can serve as the centerpiece of a building. Below are some notable examples of staircases that refuse to be ignored, and the creative tread and railing decisions that comprise them.

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