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“We took away a very thick, heavy staircase that led to the loft, and designed one that had a much lighter look,” Wåhlin says. “The new one, made of steel, looks simple and indeed light—but is in fact super heavy and was a real challenge to construct.”
The staircase acts as both room divider and main storage. The stair “carpet” is made from the same tough rubber that is used to make tires for semis.
The entire family makes good use of the music room, where they hold public and private Sunday concerts with local and international musicians.
Tedesco's father was a precision machinist and his uncles worked as welders and carpentry framers. As a tribute to his family's history, Tedesco made the blackened-steel-and-wood staircase a focal point—it can be seen from nearly every room in the house.
The floating staircase is a decidely elegant synthesis of form and function.
Stairs from parlor floor to second floor, with original railing.
The couple’s white Bulthaup kitchen is set within a double-height volume hung with Tom Dixon Beat lights, arranged in a custom configuration by interior designer Maria Rosa Di Ioia. Overhead, Cubit shelving artfully displays books and objects, accessible by a glass-walled footbridge added during the renovation.
Amy requested a quiet, sunny reading nook with a view; In Situ obliged with a built-in bench housing her collection of books.
Rising to a catwalk above, a huge glass-and-steel central stair envisioned by the architect spans four floors of the Chiavellis’ newly expanded house.
Locally sourced Italian slate covers the ground floor rooms; the coat rack near the entrance is from Zanotta.
“The staircase is the hub, the soul of the project,” Rogers says. “It’s meant to be enjoyed.” From the ground, the steps start with the cool colors of the earth, then get warmer as they reach up to the sky.
Ando, a Shiba Inu, was in the first Puppy Cam litter.
The ground floor is a music room with a kind of blue vibe, thanks to the Richard Woods flooring.
The spiral stairs were fabricated in the Bay Area and shipped in the same container as the furniture.
“The intimate courtyard, with a concrete floor and plants, is an homage to many charming places in Southern California, where my wife and I lived for four years before getting married," says Priatman.
Yeo descends the spiral staircase that connects the public and private spaces while Ian relaxes on a pair of Cappellini Superlight 750 sofas designed by Barber Osgerby. The Gwapa lounge chair and ottoman in the corner were designed by Marcel Wanders.
The staircase is about 46 feet tall from top to bottom.
An unadorned spruce wood staircase leads to the upper level.
The steel-and-wood stairs lead to the master bedroom and study.
The Piranesian view upwards through the central stair to the top floor skylight.
The staircase has a floating metal landing that connects to a fir plywood wall.
The sculpture on the wall is by artist Peter Dudek, a friend of the family, and the pendants are by Glashütte Limburg. Baumann made a point to integrate industrial materials throughout, exposing steel beams and setting the floor in concrete.
Long, unobstructed corridors along the spine of the house provide ample cross-ventilation during warmer months—as well as sightlines that unite different areas of the home’s narrow, linear footprint. “When you’re in the back of the building, you can literally see the front door of the person across the street,” says architect and resident Philippe Baumann. Thick industrial glass lines the footing of the stairwell with subtle transparency, allowing light to also traverse the space vertically.
A striking stair defines the entry to the house; it features minimalist floating timber stair treads wrapped around a woven steel mesh blade wall.
“The clients desired a maintenance-free, year-round home using the ultimate in ‘green’ building methodologies,” Mulvena says. The staircase is an example of the construction’s mindset: it is made from the leftover laminated veneer lumber used on the roof.
The cabin and studio each have one bathroom and one bedroom, and the entirety of the property has geothermal heat and super insulation. The custom-made stairs in the cabin are by Westside Metal Fabricators in Mount Vernon, Washington.
The walls are made of recycled limestone sourced locally from dismantled houses. The stone staircase, original to the home, was kept intact and wrapped in tin boards. Though it used to lead to the home’s roof, it now connects the kitchen and dining area with a new addition above. The door frame of the guest unit is fabricated in varnished steel to complement the natural beauty of the surrounding stone.
The steel-framed stair with concrete treads and glass guardrail makes a nice perch for the family cat to take in views of the lake and check out what's cooking in the kitchen. Photo by J.C. Schmeil.
The ceiling is untreated white oak.
Nouvel Approach

When the Nouvel staircase proved too costly to copy, DeSalvo designed an affordable version. The treads are perforated bent steel plates that appear to float on a support tube, while the railings are made from tension cables and galvanized handrails and posts. It offers a similar level of architectural impact and sense of transparency at relatively low cost (both stairways, plus a matching catwalk, came in at $6,000).
Photo by Osamu Abe
Mikulionis custom designed the white steel staircase that leads from the living area up to the bedroom platform.
The central, welded-iron staircase is the house’s most striking contemporary feature. Beyond it, more large sliding doors conceal extra storage and the home entertainment system.
Tsutsui continued the Oregon pine from the floor to the steel-reinforced cantilevered staircase, which appears to float above the floor.
A steel spiral staircase efficiently links all three floors. With no interior doors, Yurika can keep an ear on the shop from upstairs while maintaining the privacy of her home with the help of the vertical distance.
Louis did much of the woodworking in the house, including the fabrication of the  white oak stair treads. The ironwork was crafted by Alex and Gio Welding. A Glo Ball pendant by Jasper Morrison for Flos hangs in front of the staircase.
The Dora pendant lights in the kitchen are from Rejuvenation; quartz countertops are by Cambria and the custom bar stools are by Rocky Mountain Table Company. In Situ Studio designed the solid walnut steps with custom steel rails, a walnut hand rail, and a removable baby gate.
The architects added a small circular skylight to serve as a vertical focal point in the center of the fifth floor. The quarter-sawn white oak risers produce a beautiful rippled grain highlighted by the abundant natural light.
Bruce is a wine enthusiast and a stickler for efficiency, so this prefab concrete cellar with an ingenious passive ventilation system was a natural choice. It maintains a constant temperature, and its stacked horizontal bins can store up to 1,400 bottles of wine—–a good excuse to keep adding to the collection.

Whether grand and sweeping, rendered in wood, or a minimalist arrangment of metal and glass, the modern staircase is an example of literally elevated design. With its strong, geometric shape and functional importance, a masterful staircase can serve as the centerpiece of a building. Below are some notable examples of staircases that refuse to be ignored, and the creative tread and railing decisions that comprise them.