37 Shed & Studio Storage Space Design Photos And Ideas

The walls of the nest room "are custom-designed panels with a linear stitch pattern (to mimic the groove patterns in some of the millwork) that follow the curvature of the wall," says Thomas. The cozy spot suits many different needs: it can act as dressing room, clothes storage, media room, and extra sleepover space. A custom-made felt curtain allows for privacy or connection as needed.
The back half of the pavilion features a deep bench—the perfect space for extra storage, reading, and a pull-out bed.
Isabelle's hideaway is tucked within the back wall and includes one of the original windows. While covering a window is not a traditional design move, it added natural light to the small space and gives it a tree house–like feel.
The built-in nook is the perfect spot to read, while the shelves mimic the shape of the hideaway staircase on the left side.
The simplicity of Ballard Garden Studio makes the space feel larger than its 360 square feet, and allows it be versatile for a variety of uses.
The couple also built an outhouse for the bathroom area.
Now, the mudroom is just inside the door to the backyard and can stand up to Chicago winters with new brick floors  . It offers an excellent drop zone for coats, shoes, and even beach towels, as the house is just blocks from Lake Michigan.
The Sunwoven workshop.
The bi-level car barn, a spare, timber-clad structure with an A-frame roof, nods to traditional farmhouses, but is “sleek and contemporary in spirit,” says Geremia. Inspired by an old photo of a porcelain farmhouse sink, it features polished concrete floors.
A spacious deck and large glass doors allow for seamless indoor/outdoor living.
Inside, playful pillows can be rearranged in any manner, and are often used as mock beds for relaxing and looking at the canopies above.
Shiplap pine walls, primed white, complement unfinished concrete floors and a wood stove by Jotul.
"We basically asked [Doulis] to help us create a space that could help contain all our current farm needs and hobbies while also imagining what might lie ahead for our farm," says Fletcher.
The modular shoveled and drawers were designed into four separate categories based on the measurement of each object.
A knotted curtain bisects the sleeping area from the kitchen, which contains concealed and exposed storage units, as well as a small circular dining table.
The wood shed portion artfully encapsulates all the domestic detritus that would be anathema within the all-glass sleeping portion.
The modern fireplace is located at the original chimney stack of the building. Robb Studio created a sculptural fireplace using exposed concrete, steel, and shou sugi ban wood for the hearth seat.
Davor (with his wife, Abbe, and son, August) designed the main living and dining pavilion as a double-height space to increase its perceived volume, and added high cubbies for extra storage.
A smaller, rectangular building between the two blocks that's equipped for surfing-related activities.
The mirrored surface of the shed reflects delightfully distorted images of the natural surroundings.
By removing internal walls, the couple transformed an additional unit, marketed by Blu Homes as a guest suite or studio, into a gym and home office. “We really liked the idea of the overall design of the model and the ability to tweak it a bit,” says David.
The ceramics studio was formerly a pergola wrapped in chicken wire, used as a dog kennel by the previous owner. Inside the new structure, a vintage Danish chair, found on eBay, provides a modern perch. The windows’ deep mullions double as display shelves.
Architect William Carpenter, glimpsed in his second-floor design studio, built Lightroom 2.0 to sit unobtrusively among its 1920s neighbors in Decatur.
The home's wine cellar is a unique feature which exposes some of the home's interesting infrastructure.
The studio fireplace is a custom design by OOPEAA, and one of the elements that will allow the house to go off the grid.
When San Francisco-based architect Beverly Choe took on the project of re-envisioning an old garage (once used as a carriage house that had become a dark and empty space), she sought to create an open and meditative backyard studio where a family can easily retreat to work, relax, and create—with a goal of making it a
The renovated attic is oriented around a central volume that houses the bathroom. The wooden shelves were fashioned from hemlock planks that were salvaged during the demolition of the roof structure.
Sett Studio also does complete interior work. This unit features monotread, which are panels made from milled recycled wood, on the floor, walls and desk. Lately, the company has been using more bamboo.
The lantern addition is utilized mostly as an open dining room leading to the patio and pool beyond. Misra and Pande worked with the couple’s existing furniture, such as the Philippe Starck Ghost chairs, and helped integrate new elements such as the custom-made chandelier.
A platform bed is tucked behind a small living nook with a sofa and projector.
Each of the sliding trays in Pozner’s tidy office desk serves a different function.
A matching desk also folds up and away.
The skylight illuminates the nook for reading and lounging.
The compact rental features plenty of wooden ledges, nooks, and shelves for keeping belongings organized. In the living room, a low white wall is capped with fir wood salvaged from the garage’s former posts. On the east wall, a half-door made of reclaimed cedar looks out on a garden.  “It looks and lives a lot bigger than it is,” Schaer says.
Stowing the queen-size Room Makers Murphy bed by SICO frees up access to custom built-in cabinets and pull-down closet rods by Hafele that illuminate when the door is opened.

If you have ever considered building a modern shed or studio in the backyard, you'll appreciate the projects below, which prove that small spaces can deliver a big impact. Transform this often dormant space into a family room, hobby studio, or meditation room. Give the humble backyard shed a chance to shine—forge an opportunity for better living or enhanced storage.