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The Big Space was updated with new skylights and a roof hatch with a staircase that provides access to the roof.
In contrast, the Big Space has untouched and uninsulated walls. It is heated with an existing gas garage ceiling heater that is able to temporarily heat up quickly and as needed. The big garage/workshop also serves as a climatic buffer space to the Little Space.
The sunroom—or “museum of natural history,” as the couple call it—showcases an array of objects, including a massive chair carved from a single tree trunk and a terra cotta elephant used as a side table.
A view from the cedar-clad sauna.
Clean, simple colors allow wood tones to glow, tying back to the outdoor environment.
Five windows fill the playful loft space with natural light.
The meditation room overlooks a nearby hilltop in one of the clients' favorite views, framed by floor-to-ceiling glass windows.
Marco V. Morelli says his Studio Shed is the perfect refuge. “It’s changed my life for the better,” he says. “I’ve gotten so much more work done, and I think my marital relations are much better because I have a place of my own.”
Tanya, Chris, Jackson, and Zeke spend much of their day outside.
The mini music studio.
A tranquil nook allows the homeowner to practice yoga.
Berlin Jespersen, 8, daintily rocks the family drum kit, which Brent is also learning to play.
Work It

“We wanted to open up the back of the house, but there’s nothing to look at,” says Dana. “So we decided to put something in our yard as a focal point, to create our own view.” The architects came up with a glass-walled studio, which Dana uses as 

her home office. The architects mounted a steel I-beam that spans the yard, with holes drilled at eight-inch intervals for maximum flexibility of use. Right now it’s used for Ikea play equipment, but later they plan to hang a hammock and a movie screen.

The walls of the cinema room/guest bedroom are covered with Seasons Autumn Cloud Forest. Because it’s a cinema room, Zeng and her husband knew they wanted a dark colored wallpaper to help minimize the light reflection from the projector. "We immediately thought of our Cloud Forest design. Full of drama, the surreal composition of plants floating between the clouds seemed like the perfect fit for a cinema room," she says.
Designed by Marco Casagrande, this floating sauna was a gift for the Rosendal
community, a village at the end of the majestic Hardangerfjord in Norway.
Davor (with his wife, Abbe, and son, August) designed the main living and dining pavilion as a double-height space to increase its perceived volume, and added high cubbies for extra storage.
The Shudio and patio with privacy trellis.
Phillips designed Judith a stark white, glass-fronted art studio.
Working with his colleagues at Austin Maynard Architects, architect Andrew Maynard added a 184-square-foot, sun-saturated greenhouse extension to his existing 364-square-foot home, and the new space serves as an office for him and his team.
Designed by Stockholm firm Waldemarson Berglund Arkitekter, this prefab artist studio called Ateljé 25 is shaped like a Monopoly house, serves as an artist’s studio and has simple plywood interiors and massive skylights.
Bathers can easily exit the structure and dive into the cool water via the door or the side hatch.
Milan studio AtelierFORTE envisioned a sauna in the northern Italian countryside that has wings like a bird.
Inside this burnt-timber clad box, a sauna by Canadian studio Partisans was designed with a sinuous CNC-cut cedar interior that emulates the form of a seaside grotto.
The detached space can easily be used as an artists studio or a home office.
The yoga studio can also be converted into guesthouse.
The artist studio overlooks the green roof on the yoga studio.
Decorative artist Willem Racké worked with Susan Chastain to create this vibrant tangerine lounge. The two main walls of the small room were painted to give the illusion of looking into infinity. A high-gloss, orange lacquer covers the ceiling.
The doors are insulated panels that can be left opened or closed depending on the use of the space.
The office space sits behind a brass-framed glass window, which overlooks the studio. The owners wanted to leave the original stone wall as a relic of the home’s history.
The minimalist interiors provide a distraction-free workspace for visiting artists.
Inside, wall space is prioritized, with concealed plywood blocking to support hanging work.
A dual work-live studio in Rhode Island.
The studio is also complete with a kitchen and a sleeping loft so that it can serve as self-sufficient guest quarters.
A workspace in the studio.
The Music Pavilion is filled with a soft, uniform white light diffused by the canvas roof overhead.  Deep red hues echo the warmth of the desert.
The Cabaret Theater, used for music and theater, displays the thickness of the exterior walls with buttressing structural supports extending to the roof.  Bold red chairs and lush red carpet match the warm, dessert hue.
A smaller, rectangular building between the two blocks that's equipped for surfing-related activities.
The bunkhouse annex contains a workshop, kitchen and wine cellar.
The mirrored surface of the shed reflects delightfully distorted images of the natural surroundings.
An upstairs yoga practice space.
With a sleeping area that is six feet long and four feet wide, this cozy teardrop can comfortably fit a couple, along with a small child.
Close up of the interlocking broom heads
Broom heads were locally sourced for the project
The micro-office was built to replace a former garden shed
The hidden entrance slides open.
The office is a 13-foot walk away from the home office
The communal reception building.
This beautiful Modern-Shed home office overlooks a gorgeous vineyard in Eastern Washington.
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The ribbon-like design affords the building three different gabled roof profiles – one is symmetrical, while the other two lean in opposite directions.
BERAU A design this sauna as a small levitating house, moored on the roof of an old factory to experiment dry heat sessions.

If you have ever considered building a modern shed or studio in the backyard, you'll appreciate the projects below, which prove that small spaces can deliver a big impact. Transform this often dormant space into a family room, hobby studio, or meditation room. Give the humble backyard shed a chance to shine—forge an opportunity for better living or enhanced storage.