“Design is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.” –Paul Rand

The Object Design League likes to have a good time.
Susanna's skill as a stylist is evident in the apartment's many eye-catching arrangements of objects: here, a paper bird, a origami bowl, and a jar of striped paper straws.
Illustrations for the Numerology section of Fast Company magazine.
Icons for different sections in Popular Mechanics magazine.
"Random doodle just for fun."
Illustration for Ling magazine.
Drawings for a design agency in Paris, France.
Various icons.
More illustrations for Ling magazine.
Here's a screengrab from the site with the typical mix of hot clean graphics and tatted-up ladies.
Illustrations for the promotion of lawyers, commisioned by Germinal Communication.
Infographics and illustrations for Issue 1 of The Outpost magazine.
Infographics about snow for a Spanish magazine designed by Pelonio.
llustrations for the Numerology section of Fast Company magazine.
The long white dresser at the end of the living room pops against the concrete, making it an ideal venue to show off souvenirs, collectibles and art. Crosby Studios also occasionally provides graphic design services, as seen by the eponymous framed print shown here.
Project Projects is helmed by Rob Giampietro (on left), Adam Michaels (on right), and Prem Krishnamurthy (not pictured).
Designed by graphic designer Clara von Zweigbergk, this deck of cards is recast in a minimalist style, taking it up a notch from traditional playing cards. Design-seeking kids will love the graphic print while they’re playing Go Fish or War.
CVZ Playing Cards, $12 at the Dwell Store

These playing cards will reimagine the way kids of all ages play cards. The cards include distinctive, graphic renderings of suits and face cards and a bright backing.
Karystios also designed the branding for the space. The logo uses mathematical symbols to create a face.